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Credential by Exception - Portfolio Requirements

Under exceptional circumstances only, faculty may be hired based on a portfolio. Faculty credentialed by exception must be approved in advance by the Dean, Associate Vice President, Director of Curriculum, and the Vice-President of Academic Affairs. Before compiling a portfolio, potential faculty must consult with the department’s Dean for guidance. Each faculty member needing an exception in order to teach must complete all of the artifacts listed. The faculty member and the Associate Vice-President will coordinate the compilation of documentation and present the entire package to the Course and Curriculum Office where it will be prepared for review and signature routing. Below is a listing of the required artifacts to be included in the faculty member’s portfolio: 

Artifacts (Required)

  • Cover letter from applicant 
  • Official or Unofficial transcript
  • Three letters of recommendation (supervisor and colleagues)
  • Course descriptions of graduate credit earned
  • Master course syllabus/syllabi for courses seeking to teach
  • Documented professional experience in the field
  • Publications (if applicable)
  • Recommendation of the Dean
  • Course matrix document(s)


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