Course & Curriculum Directory


  • Carlene McNeil
    Phone: 407.708.2683
    Director, Curriculum, Credentialing and Academic Scheduling
  • Laurie Staiger
    Phone: 407.708.2554
    Coordinator, Faculty Credentials, Curriculum & Catalog
  • Alyssa Adamson
    Phone: 407.708.2721
    Academic Affairs Functional Specialist
  • Germi Oliveras
    Phone: 407.708.2168
    Academic Affairs Functional Specialist
  • Pam Ocasek
    Phone: 407.708.2189
    Academic Affairs Functional Specialist
  • Daniel Suleski
    Phone: 407.708.2222
    Manager, Academic Scheduling
  • Melissa Haynie
    Phone: 407.708.2710
    Project Coordinator, Curriculum & Articulation      


Area Contact Accreditation (SACSCOC)Carlene McNeil
Approve to Teach RequestsLaurie Staiger
Articulation AgreementsPamela Ocasek
Auxiliary & 3rd Party Facility UsageDaniel Suleski
Barnes & Noble LiaisonPamela Ocasek
Bundle Testing (based on area listings)Daniel Suleski, Germi Oliveras, Pamela Ocasek
Classroom Reservation & UsageDaniel Suleski
College Catalog – Program InfoPamela Ocasek
College Catalog – Student InfoLaurie Staiger, Alyssa Adamson
Course Prerequisites/Co-RequisitesGermi Oliveras
Course SubstitutionsGermi Oliveras
Credential ManualsLaurie Staiger
Curriculum Committee MeetingsLaurie Staiger
Curriculum Submissions (Course/Program)Laurie Staiger
Curriculum TemplatesPamela Ocasek
Dean/Prefix Contact ListLaurie Staiger
Degree AuditPamela Ocasek
Faculty WorkloadDaniel Suleski
Faculty Credentialing QuestionsLaurie Staiger
Functional Integration & Testing (FIT) AttendeesDaniel Suleski, Pamela Ocasek
Global Course SubstitutionsPamela Ocasek
New Faculty HireLaurie Staiger
Planner (Navigate/EAB)Germi Oliveras
Point the WayDaniel Suleski
Schedule BuildingDaniel Suleski
State Course Numbering System (SCNS) ContactLaurie Staiger
Syllabus Manager (OASIS/SSAP)Pamela Ocasek
Textbook Adoption
Alyssa Adamson
Textbook ReportingMelissa Haynie
Textbook ValidationAlyssa Adamson

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