Executive Team

  • Mae Ashby
    Associate Vice President, Human Resources
  • Barbara Coleman-Foster
    Associate Vice President, Organizational Culture and Strategy/Title IX Coordinator
  • Paul Carland
    Vice President, Public Policy and General Counsel
  • Johnny Craig
    Vice President, Student Affairs
  • John Gyllin
    Vice President, Resource and Economic Development
  • Dick Hamann
    Vice President, Information Technology and Resources/Chief Information Officer
  • Kate Henry
    Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Communications
  • Georgia Lorenz
    President, Seminole State College
  • Loretta Ovueraye
    Vice President, Academic Affairs/Chief Academic Officer
  • Rob Whitaker
    Vice President, Business Operations/Chief Financial Officer

First Wednesday Updates

View Seminole State College's First Wednesday Update, a monthly announcement from the Executive Team.