College Advisory Council

The College Advisory Council usually meets monthly and consists of Seminole State's President; Executive Team; Chair of the Career Service Employees Council; Chair of the Professional/Technical Employees Council; Faculty Senate President and Student Government Association Representative.

College Advisory Council 

The 2020-21 membership includes:

  • Mae Ashby
    Associate Vice President, Human Resources
  • Janet Park Balanoff
    Associate Vice President, Equity and Diversity/Title IX Coordinator
  • J. Paul Carland
    General Counsel
  • John Gyllin
    Vice President, Resource and Economic Development
  • Dick Hamann
    Vice President, Information Technology and Resources/Chief Information Officer
  • Kate Henry
    Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Communications
  • F. Joseph Mazur
    Vice President, Financial Services/Chief Financial Officer
  • Tracy Harbin
    Faculty Senate President
  • Georgia Lorenz
    President, Seminole State College
  • Barbara Coleman-Foster
    Professional and Technical Employees Council Chair
  • Michele Wallace
    Shared Governance Council Chair
  • Marcus Williams
    Career Service Employees Council Chair
  • Laura Ross
    Vice President, Academic Affairs/Chief Academic Officer
  • Erika Intriago
    President, Student Government Association
    (Sanford/Lake Mary Campus)

College Advisory Council updated 2.22.19; 8.27.19; 1.27.20, 5.17.21