Who We Are

 The Florida College  System

Seminole State College of Florida is a full-service education provider, offering bachelor's degrees; two-year college-credit degrees (A.A., A.S., A.A.S.); specialized career certificates; continuing professional education; adult education; and an array of culturally stimulating events and timely guest speakers.

If you're a recent high school graduate just beginning your educational journey; a professional seeking training to change careers or upgrade your job skills; a community member looking to enhance your quality of life through adult education classes; or someone who's searching to learn more about a special interest, Seminole State is here for you.

Our Mission

Seminole State College of Florida enhances the educational, economic, and cultural vitality of our region by providing exemplary learning opportunities to our diverse community.

Our Vision

Seminole State College of Florida will be a national leader in academic programs and services that cultivate student achievement, career advancement, and global awareness in a collaborative and inclusive learning environment.

Our Strategic Goals and Associated Strategic Priorities

Strategic Goal 1: For Our Students...

Advance student learning and development with innovative programs and services that cultivate student engagement and success.

  • Implement effective programs and services that sustain academic excellence and promote student success.
  • Use technology to promote student learning and engagement.
  • Increase opportunities to expand students’ global perspectives.

Strategic Goal 2: For Our Employees...

Advance our employees’ opportunities for development and success.

  • Promote our Core Values in an increasingly diverse, collaborative, and inclusive environment.
  • Provide an exemplary workplace.
  • Implement programs that enhance employees’ skills, credentials, and abilities.
  • Improve the quality and effectiveness of the College’s systems and processes.

Strategic Goal 3: For Our Partners...

Advance partnerships that foster academic excellence, student achievement, and economic vitality.

  • Develop partnerships that strengthen our educational programs and services.
  • Develop partnerships that enhance our facilities, campuses, and infrastructure.
  • Strengthen Seminole State’s academic programs to ensure alignment with community and workforce needs.

Strategic Goal 4: For Our Region...

Advance our region as a leader in higher education, workforce development and community enrichment.

  • Position Seminole State College as a first-choice educational destination.
  • Align programs and resources with established and emerging workforce opportunities.
  • Enrich the quality of life through educational attainment, lifelong learning, economic development, cultural programs, and community service.