Honors Scholarships

Thanks to the generous support provided by the Grindle Family, Honors
Program students are eligible for Honors scholarships. Honors scholarships are awarded based on merit and disbursed on a term-by-term basis. Scholarships generally cover a percentage of students' tuition and/or book expenses. Honors students who receive other forms of financial aid are still eligible to apply.

Honors Scholarship Requirements

  • Acceptance into the Honors Diploma Program
  • Enrollment in at least one three-credit honors course
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher
  • A grade of "B" or higher in all Honors courses
  • Good standing with the Honors Program, which includes meeting the minimum continuance policies

*Note: Dual enrolled students are ineligible for Honors scholarships.

Seminole State Scholarships

Additional funding opportunities are available through Seminole State College and the Foundation for Seminole State.

External Scholarships

Students are strongly encouraged to search the Internet; review national, regional and state honors collegiate council programs; check with employers and businesses; and speak with Seminole State's Honors Institute director to learn about other scholarship opportunities. Students can also visit Seminole State's scholarships website to learn about more opportunities. 

Transfer Scholarships

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships

PTK hosts a common application for various transfer scholarships. If you plan to continue in school and transfer into a bachelor's degree program next fall, you are encouraged to consider this opportunity.

The common application allows you to complete one application and apply for multiple scholarships for which you qualify.

These scholarships are available nationwide and are not specific to a particular school. The available scholarships are as follows:

  • Hites Transfer: 10 available at $7,500 each (must be a PTK member)
  • Guistwhite Scholarship: 15 available at $5,000 each (must be a PTK member)
  • GEICO Pathway to Completion: Two available at $1,500 each (must be a PTK member)
  • All-USA Academic Team: 20 available at $5,000 each
  • Coca-Cola New Century Scholarship: 52 available at $2,000 each
  • Coca-Cola Academic Teach: 50 available at $1,500 each, 50 available at $1,250 each and 50 available at $1,000 each

To view these scholarships and apply, please visit the PTK website. If you are not a PTK member but are using the common application, you will create a guest account for access to the application.

Nationally Competitive Scholarships

Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship

The Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate transfer scholarship provides up to $40,000 per year after transfer for students to complete a bachelor's degree.

  • Targets students in any major who have a strong academic record, leadership ability and public service commitment.
  • Up to four students from Seminole State College may be selected.

Barry S. Goldwater Scholarship

The Goldwater Scholarship

  • Targets students interested in research careers in the natural sciences.
  • Provides up to $7,500 per year to help cover costs associated with tuition, fees, books, room, and board.

Udall Scholarship


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