Distinguished Honors Faculty Award

Each year a member of the Honors faculty is selected as the Distinguished Honors Faculty Award recipient. Current Honors students are eligible to nominate individuals who exceed their duties as educators and advisors.

The Distinguished Honors Faculty Award was established to recognize a faculty member who has made outstanding contributions to the Honors Program and exceeded their duties in providing exceptional educational experiences to Honors students including teaching, advising, and mentoring students. 

The award recipient will be formally recognized at the Honors Graduate Dinner at the end of the academic year.

Eligibility/Nomination Requirements:

  • A nominee must be a full-time faculty member at Seminole State College who taught an honors course in which the nominator was a student or supervised an independent study or research project for the student.
  • A nominator must be current Honors student.
Nominator Information
Nominee Information

Previous Recipients


Dr. Tiffany Traylor,
Professor, Humanities


Dr. Travis Suits,
Professor, Social Sciences


Dr. Carissa Baker,
Professor, English


Michael Mendoza,
Professor, English


Tracy Harbin,
Professor, Social Sciences


Dr. Frankie Huff,
Professor, English


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