Honors Ambassadors

Honors Ambassadors are students who support the Grindle Honors Institute by participating in a variety of activities including student recruitment and assisting with events throughout the year.

Students who choose to serve in this capacity represent the program and provide a positive example of campus leadership through scholastic achievement, high involvement and service.

Honors Ambassador Duties

Honors Ambassadors assist the Grindle Honors Institute in a variety of ways including:

  • Providing prospective students, their parents, and alumni with information about the Grindle Honors Institute based on a student perspective
  • Participating in recruitment events
  • Assisting with events such as the President's Dinner and Dream Gala

Become an Honors Ambassador

Students who wish to become an Honors Ambassador must submit an application.  The application process typically opens before the Fall and Spring terms.  All applicants must be in good standing in the Honors Program. If you are unsure of your standing, please contact the Honors Institute at honors@seminolestate.edu or 407.708.2600.


The Honors Institute
L-230, Sanford/Lake Mary Campus

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