Honors Ambassadors

Honors Ambassadors are students who support the Grindle Honors Institute by participating in a variety of activities including student recruitment and assisting with events throughout the year.

Students who choose to serve in this capacity represent the program and provide a positive example of campus leadership through scholastic achievement, high involvement and service.

Honors Ambassador Duties

Honors Ambassadors assist the Grindle Honors Institute in a variety of ways including:

  • Providing prospective students, their parents, and alumni with information about the Grindle Honors Institute based on a student perspective
  • Participating in recruitment events
  • Assisting with events such as the President's Dinner and Dream Gala

Become an Honors Ambassador

Students who wish to become an Honors Ambassador must submit an application. All applicants must be in good standing in the Honors Program. If you are unsure of your standing, please contact the Honors Institute at honors@seminolestate.edu or 407.708.2600.

Current Ambassadors 2019-20

Mary Galeano, President

Hello, I am a biomedical science major striving towards the goal to become a veterinarian. I have been a student in the Grindle Honors Institute since fall 2018, and I am glad to be the next president for honors ambassadors 2019-2020. With this upcoming year, I hope to help this organization to grow more than it has previous years. Throughout this year, I hope to increase the amount of members. The Grindle Honors Institute is a great opportunity for students to advance their skills and make connections. My officers and I will try to create more educational and fun events that students can enjoy and participate in. I look forward to this upcoming year and meeting all the great students.

Megan Anderson, Vice President

I joined the Honors program because I wanted to be challenged with my coursework and learn in creative ways. I also wanted to develop myself academically, personally and professionally through seminars, research opportunities, conferences and studying abroad. I became an Honors Ambassador because I really wanted to represent the Honors Program at events, be a figure that others can come to for more information, and make an impact on the Honors Program at Seminole State College. I want to make an impact on the Honors program by informing new students of what this program has to offer and the benefits of being an Honors student.  I want to inform current honors students about new updates and opportunities available to them!

Lumaris Santiago, Marketing

Hi! Over the course of these past couple of years preparing to enter the life of “adulthood” I started realizing more the person that I am and want to be. All my life I’ve loved serving for my peers and my community. I’ve always been someone who loves to help. When i started at Seminole State and joined Honors ambassadors I was really excited to be a part of this amazing group of individuals and I wanted to make a change along with them in our community. I joined the officer team because being part of Honors Ambassadors is such an amazing opportunity and I want to be able to be more hands on in the campus and to help others grow as well as myself.

Fina Xian, Treasurer

I am currently majoring in Biomedical Science with plans to become a Physician’s Assistant. I was born in China Guangzhou and immigrated to the United States when I was thirteen years old. I am a first generation student in Wayne M. Densch Scholarship Program, a Civic Scholars, a volunteer for Seminole State Volunteers (SSV), and a Fall 2019 first generation peer mentor. Honor program has helped me by advancing my learning and leadership skills, the smaller class settings allow me for more interaction with classmates and professors. Therefore, I want to joined honor ambassador officers and share these benefits of honor program with other students.

Emily Bradley, Secretary

I am excited to be the Secretary for Honors Ambassadors 2019-20! I am majoring in Secondary Education-Mathematics with the hope of becoming a middle school math teacher. I have been in the Honors Program since starting Fall 2018 at Seminole State and plan to graduate early with my Associate’s Degree in Fall 2019. With the events and activities Honors Ambassadors plan, I hope to see the Honors Program grow and strengthen. I look forward to this coming school year and meeting all of our great students!


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