Letter of Accommodation Request

Each semester, students must request their Accommodation letters for each class in order to receive their accommodations.  It is highly advised to request these letters before the semester starts. Please request your letters using the SSAP portal link:

Request Accommodation Letters

Log in to the portal and choose the desired class to create your letter request.

Steps in SSAP to Request Accommodation Letters

  1. Log in to SSAP.
  2. Go to the DSS Student Dashboard.
  3. Click New Request.
  4. The Request Accommodation Letter screen appears.
  5. Select your Pick up location (Campus or Online class).
  6. Choose Course with the drop down feature.
  7. If you need a letter for another course,
    click on Add Another Course.
  8. Repeat process until all classes you need are done.

 *If you are having trouble logging in, contact the HelpDesk for assistance.  If you need to change your Network account password, please review the steps listed on the MySeminoleState Account webpage.


General Information
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