Make-up Test and Proctored Exam Testing Guidelines

Non-Seminole State Students

External proctored exams are offered by appointment only at the Testing Center on the Sanford/Lake Mary Campus, which is located in the Student Center (second floor). You can download instructions for scheduling an external proctored exam here.

Seminole State Students

The Testing Center administers make-up tests and proctored exams for students who are unable to take a scheduled classroom test for one of the following reasons:

  • A personal, family, work or medical emergency
  • A documented disability identified by Disability Support Services

Make-up tests are offered by appointment only. You must log in to the TeCO system using your MySeminoleState account to schedule a make-up test.

Proctored exams are offered by appointment only. You must log in to the TeCO system using your MySeminoleState account to schedule a proctored exam.

Note: Only Seminole State faculty members can authorize a make-up test. Speak with your instructor before using the TeCO system to schedule an exam.

What should I bring on the day of the test?

Prior to taking any examination, you will need to present a current, valid and original photo ID with a signature (e.g., passport, driver’s license or state-issued ID card). If your photo ID does not include a signature, a second ID is required with your name and signature (e.g., Social Security card, voter registration card, credit card or debit card).

Make-up Testing and Proctored Exams Hours and Locations

For your convenience, the Assessment and Testing Center administers make-up tests and proctored exams to Seminole State Students on all four campuses. These tests will not be administered without an appointment or after the Testing Center's published exam end times. For testing hours, please select your preferred location:

TeCO Instructions for Students

Scheduling a Test

  • Step 1: Wait for your instructor to create a make-up testing session.You cannot schedule a make-up test in TeCO until your instructor creates the session. Once your instructor creates the make-up testing session, you must:
    • Log in to the TeCO system.
    • Click "Students," followed by "Make an appointment."
    • Click "Create."
    • Click "New Appointment."
    • Use the drop-down menu to select the test session you would like to schedule. You may schedule multiple tests.
  • Step 2: Choose a testing location. Your instructor has the authority to restrict your testing location to the campus(es) of his or her choice.
  • Step 3: Choose a date to take the test. The default time window to complete any test is six days from the date the instructor creates the exam session. Your instructor may decrease the number of days you have to take the test, but he or she cannot increase it.
  • Step 4: Select a time to test during regular testing hours. Be sure to save your appointment. If you forget your scheduled date or time, simply log back in to the system and click "Student History."
    • You must give yourself enough time to complete the entire test. For example, if your instructor allots 90 minutes for your test, you must schedule your appointment a minimum of 90 minutes before the Assessment and Testing Center closes for the day.
    • You should arrive to your scheduled appointment at least 15 minutes early. The system will not allow you to test if you are late.
    • If you miss or arrive late to your scheduled appointment, you will have one opportunity to reschedule, as long as your testing session has not yet expired and there is an available time slot.
      • To reschedule an appointment:
        • Log in to the TeCO system and retrieve your appointment.
        • Click the "Cancel" icon next to your appointment.
        • Follow the steps to schedule a new appointment.
        • Save your appointment.
      • You will not be allowed to reschedule if you miss or arrive even one minute late to your second appointment. If this happens, you must contact your instructor to request that he or she recreate the appointment.

After scheduling your make-up test, you will receive an appointment confirmation through your Seminole State email account. Make a note of your appointment date and time. If you forget your scheduled date or time, simply log back in to the system and click "Create a new appointment." A list of your appointments will display.

Note: While most students are able to use the TeCO scheduling system without any trouble, help is available at the Assessment and Testing Center. Please try to use TeCO independently before seeking assistance.

Signing in to a Testing Session

When you arrive to the Assessment and Testing Center to take your make-up test, you must sign in using TeCO. To do so:

  • Step 1: Log in to the TeCO system.
  • Step 2: Click on "Sign in for an Exam" from the left-hand menu,
  • Step 3: Select Make-Up Testing or eLearning Proctored exam. Click "continue," then click confirm.
  • Step 4: Use the drop-down arrow to select the test you are taking.

Math Test Login websites

Some math professors require test-takers to test using specific online resources. If you are using testing facilities to take an online math test, a testing specialist will help you sign in to the appropriate outside website. These may include:

Helpful Hints

  • Click the "Student History" link to see which tests you have previously signed up for and taken.
  • Click the "Help" link to get step-by-step instructions for using the TeCO system.

TeCO Instructions for Faculty

Creating a Make-up Test Session

Welcome to the Testing Center Online, version 2.0 (TeCO2). The TeCO2 system makes scheduling test sessions a breeze. Instructors must schedule all make-up and eLearning exams, and students must make an appointment within the time frame set by the instructor. Please follow the steps carefully to create a testing session using TeCO2. (These steps also may be viewed in TeCO2 by selecting the "Help" function.) You may log in using your MySeminoleState username and password. Then click on the "Instructor" link. To schedule a session, please do the following:

  • Step 1: Putting an Exam in TeCO:
    • Go to the TeCO system website.
    • Click "Exams" to view the "Manage Exams" page. From there, click "Create New Exam" (or, to edit an existing exam, click on that exam from the list). In the "Exam Details" section, enter the name of the exam.
    • Click "Exam Type" (either "eLearning Proctored Exam" or "Make-up Exam"). To attach an exam, click "Browse" in the "Attach Exam" section. Enter any additional comments or instructions in the "Comments" box.
    • Enter the course prefix and number.
    • Select the appropriate time limit, and answer the five questions.
    • Click "Save Exam."
  • Step 2: Creating an Exam Session (to give students access to an exam):
    • Click on "Exam Sessions" to visit the "Manage Exam Sessions" page. Then click the "Create Exam Session" button. This takes you to the "Exam Session Details" page.
    • Select the course term for which the test session should be active.
    • Select the appropriate term session.
    • Select which locations you would like to make the exam available, as well as the number of days. Sessions may be open for a maximum of six days.
    • Select the names of students eligible to take the exam.
    • Enter any additional comments or instructions in the "Additional Comments" box.
    • Save the exam session.
  • Step 3: Exam Pick-Up (if you selected to pick up the completed exams in person)
    • Go to the Testing Center(s) for which you set the exam session.
    • Log in to TeCO2.
    • Click on “Pickup Exams.”
    • A list of students who completed the exams will appear. A testing specialist will get the completed exams from the instructor’s file. The instructor will check off the student’s name as the testing specialist reads the names on the completed exams.
    • The testing specialist will enter a password after confirming that all completed exams are accounted for return. 
  • Step 4: Retrieve Downloaded Results (If you indicated you would like the completed exams scanned and uploaded online)
    • Log in to TeCO2 from any computer that has Internet access.
    • Click on “Download Results.” A list of completed exams with an attachment will appear.
    • When an attached exam is opened, TeCO2 records that the exam was received by the instructor.
  • Contact Us
    • If you need to contact the Testing Department, log in to TeCO2 and click "Contact Us."
    • Type your issues, concerns or appreciations in the box. When you're finished, click "Send Message" to share your comments with the Assessment and Testing management team.

View complete instructions for creating, retrieving and scheduling make-up exams in TeCO

Make-up Testing Rules

Seminole State College has established several make-up testing rules to make the most effective use of its resources. These rules must be observed at all times. Please review the procedures for eLearning and Make-up Testing.

Scheduling Rules

  • Make-up exams must be authorized by your instructor. You must work with your instructor to arrange a make-up test immediately after the scheduled exam is administered to your classmates.
  • Make-up testing is available by appointment only. You must schedule your appointment in advance using the TeCO online testing module. You cannot schedule an appointment by phone, email or in person. 
  • Your instructor must submit an electronic or hard copy of the exam to the Make-up Testing Center at least 24 hours before you can schedule your make-up testing appointment.
  • Make-up testing appointments are valid only for the make-up test(s) authorized by your instructor in TeCO.
  • Your instructor must note any special accommodations prior to your scheduled appointment. The Make-up Testing Center is not authorized to provide any accommodations without your instructor's written permission.
  • Repeated rescheduling of make-up testing appointments is not permitted.

Testing Rules

  • You must take your test within five days of the date it reaches the Testing Center. After five days, the exam will be returned to your instructor.
  • You must arrive to the Testing Center at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to allow ample time for check-in. The system will not allow you to sign in for your test if you are late.
  • You must present a valid photo ID with signature to the Testing Center staff before you will be permitted to test.
  • You must leave all electronic devices in a storage locker. Only the materials specified by your instructor on the testing form can accompany you into the testing area.
  • The Testing Center staff will monitor test takers in regular intervals. Your instructor will be notified if you are found to be cheating, using prohibited materials or equipment, or otherwise violating the stated rules or academic integrity guidelines. Your make-up test will not be rescheduled if it is terminated due to cheating or other policy violations.
  • The Testing Center will not test an entire class.

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