Students Required to Test

All non-exempt, degree-seeking, first-time-in-college, college-credit and certificate-seeking students whose degree or certificate program is 12 or more credits must take the PERT. Such students may not register for any credit course at Seminole State until they have a set of complete scores on file.

This includes student in the following groups:

  • All students seeking Dual Enrollment.
  • All students who cannot provide official ACT, SAT, ACCUPLACER/CPT or PERT official scores or scores on an official transcript by the date of their advising appointment/session must take the PERT.

All Seminole State students who studied ESOL in high school or studied part of high school in a country where English is not the only official language are required to:

  • Complete a timed writing sample for possible placement into English for Academic Purposes (EAP) in addition to having college-ready PERT, ACT or SAT scores.
  • Complete the Level of English Proficiency (LOEP) test in addition to completing the timed writing sample if PERT, ACT or SAT scores are not college-ready.
  • Score at LOEP EAP Intermediate (EAP 400) level to take the PERT math test.
  • Complete the EAP sequence without a retake of PERT/LOEP after starting the sequence (Students may retake PERT/LOEP and Writing sample after two year's absence from  sequence for advancement purposes).

ACCUPLACER Placement Scores

Note: To place in ENC 1101 (English I), you must score equal to or better than an 83 on both the Reading Skills and the Sentence Skills portions of the ACCUPLACER/CPT.

Required developmental writing and reading courses (or required EAP courses, if applicable) must be completed prior to entering English I and/or any Gordon Rule course(s).

SubtestScoreACCUPLACER Placement
Reading Skills Score82 or belowPERT required
> 83No developmental reading required
Sentence Skills Score82 or belowPERT required
> 83

No developmental writing required.
Note: Writing sample required for EAP students.

SubtestScoreACCUPLACER Placement
Elementary Algebra Score  
71 or belowPERT required
72 - 120

Use College Level Math (CLM) score below.

If no CLM, then MAT 1033: Intermediate Algebra, or

MAT 1100: Mathematical Understanding and Applications

College Level Math
Skills Score
20 - 39

MAT 1033: Intermediate Algebra, or

MAT 1100: Mathematical Understanding and Applications

40 - 62MAC 1105: College Algebra, or
MGF 1106: College Mathematics, or
MGF 1107: Liberal Arts Math, or
STA 2023: Statistical Methods
63 - 96MAC 1140: Precalculus Algebra, or
MAC 1114: Trigonometry, or
MAC 2233: Concepts of Calculus
 Recommended score of 70 for MAC 1147: Precalculus with Trigonometry
 70-96MAC 1147: Precalculus with Trigonometry
97-120MAC 2311: Analytic Geometry and Calculus

ACCUPLACER Practice Tests

Use the following links to brush up on your skills before taking the ACCUPLACER:

Additional Questions

Placement test are offered on a walk-in basis at any Seminole State Assessment and Testing Center for non-Seminole State students. Please click your preferred testing location for exam hours:

Download the refresh materials for more information about test offered at the Seminole State testing centers. The Academic Success Center offers additional refresh resources for Seminole State students.

  • For Seminole State students: $10*
  • Test retakes for non-Seminole State students (partial or complete tests): $25*

For more information on the ACCUPLACER exam:

Examination Day Reminders

  • Prior to taking any examination, you will need to present a current, valid and original photo ID with a signature (e.g., passport, driver’s license, high school ID or state-issued ID card).
  • If your photo ID does not include a signature, a second ID is required with your name and signature (e.g., Social Security card, voter registration card, credit card or debit card).
  • The PERT is administered on a computer. Paper and pencil will be provided for the math portion so you can work out your answers.


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