Network + Certification

Network+ certification is a testing program sponsored by CompTIA. It measures the technical knowledge of entry-level networking professionals. Earning the Network+ certification means that you have the knowledge and skills needed to configure and install the TCP/IP client.

Why is Network+ certification important?

CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) sponsors the Network+ Certification Program. This group currently has more than 8,000 members in the computing and communications industries. Members include international technology corporations such as AT&T, IBM and Microsoft. These companies, through CompTIA, determine the technology standards. The standards are not product-specific and include the skills and knowledge needed by technical employees. By earning the Network+ certification, you demonstrate that you meet the requirements of an IT network professional.

Network+ certification provides an excellent opportunity for career and educational growth. The certification is recognized nationally, and some technology companies use it as a hiring prerequisite.

Additionally, the Network+ certification provides basic knowledge and skills for networking professionals or those seeking a career in computer networking. This foundation can be used to help you learn more complex network technologies. The skills developed through the Network+ program can help you move forward toward more advanced degrees and certifications.

Finally, Network+ certification can be used as a prerequisite for vendor-specific IT certifications. It is accepted by the leading networking vendors and included in many of their training curricula.

How do I become Network+ certified?

Certification is achieved by passing the certification exam. The exam covers basic networking principles and skills such as:

  • Network topologies
  • Layers of the OSI model
  • Networking media
  • Features and functions of network components
  • Installing, configuring and troubleshooting network hardware peripherals and protocols

Most Network+ candidates have already earned A+ certification. Doing so, however, is not required.

The Network+ Certification Exam can be taken at Seminole State College's Professional Testing and Certification Center.

What Network+ certification programs are available at Seminole State?

Seminole State offers courses to prepare you for the Network+ and A+ certifications. It is recommended that you take the A+ certification courses before taking the Network+ class, but it is not a requirement.

To prepare for the Network+ Certification Exam, Seminole State recommends taking Cisco Networking Fundamentals (CET-1600C).

The courses Seminole State provides as part of its professional certification programs are designed to help you prepare for a certification exam. You must pass the exam in order to earn certification. Passing the course(s) does not guarantee that you will pass the exam.

What career opportunities are available with Network+ certification?

Network+ certification helps prepare you for careers in areas like network engineering and network administration. Seminole State can help you with your job search. Visit the Career Development Center website for more information.


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