A+ Certification

A+ Certification is a testing program sponsored by CompTIA. It certifies the competency of entry-level computer service technicians. Earning A+ certification means that you have the computer technician knowledge and skills defined by companies across the industry. For this certification, entry level equates to approximately six months of experience.

Topics focused on in A+ certification courses are:

  • Installing PC hardware and operating systems.
  • System configuration.
  • Maintaining computer systems.

Why is A+ certification important?

CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) sponsors the A+ Certification program. This group currently has over 8000 members in the computing and communications industries. Members include international technology corporations such as ATandT, IBM, Microsoft, and Lotus. These companies, through CompTIA, determine the technology standards. The standards are not product-specific, and include the skills and knowledge needed by technical employees. By earning the certification, you prove that you meet the requirements for an entry-level technician as determined by the industry.

A+ Certification is recognized nationally. Some technology companies use the certification as hiring criteria. The program is also designed to provide a basic understanding of computer hardware, software, and operating systems. This foundation can then be used to help you learn more complex computer technologies. The skills learned through the A+ program can help you move forward towards more advanced degrees and certifications, such as Microsoft MSCE, Novell CNE, Cisco CCNA, etc.

What A+ Certification programs are available at Seminole State?

Seminole State provides two ways to prepare for the A+ Certification exam.

  • The College Credit Courses are designed for students who have prior computer experience. It is also intended for those already in the college credit curriculum.
  • Vocational Courses are designed for those with little to no previous computer knowledge. Extensive hand-on training is provided.

A+ certification preparation courses are offered day and evening.

What Career Opportunities are Available with an A+ Certification?

With an A+ Certification, you can enter careers such as computer maintenance, system installation, and customer support and service. Starting salaries for these positions are between $20,000 and $30,000 annually.


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