A+ Certification College

CompTIA A plus certification

The following courses are designed to prepare you to pass the A+ Certification exams. These courses are held during the day and evening, and are intended for the following students:

  • Those already in the computer field.
  • Those enrolled in an A.S. degree curriculum.
  • Those enrolled in an engineering program.

To be fully prepared for the exam, both courses must be completed.

  • CET 1179 - Network Concepts and Operating Systems
    The Concepts and Operating Systems course is an introduction to computer networks and operating systems. Computer components are identified and their functions explained. Operating system functions include command execution, disk drive operation, file maintenance, directory maintenance, batch files, and system configurations.
  • CET 1178C - Network Computer Maintenance and Repair
    Preventative maintenance and diagnosis of the microcomputer will be emphasized along with basic to advanced troubleshooting skills. Preventative maintenance, upgrades, system diagnostics, configuration files, power, memory, drives, input/output (IO), modems, communications, printing, and how these topics interact in the network will be examined.
    Prerequisite: CET 1179 - Concepts and Operating Systems

You do not receive certification after completing the courses. You must take the A+ Certification exams to be certified. These exams can be taken at the Seminole State Professional Testing and Certification Center. Use the Pearson Vue link to select your testing center.


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