Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

The Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certification program is designed to give you the skills needed to implement a Microsoft product or technology as part of an organization's business solution. Please refer to the Microsoft website for more information on the MCTS certification types.

What are the benefits of having MCTS Certification?

Microsoft is the worldwide software leader for personal and business computing. The Windows and Windows NT platforms are considered the international standard. Earning MCTS certification means that you have expertise in Microsoft products and technologies. Your MCTS credential is recognized internationally by the IT industry, employers, clients and peers.

The courses taken and the skills learned while earning MCTS certification can be used as a foundation for higher-level certifications, such as the MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional). MCITPs earn higher salaries and are generally in greater demand than MCTSs.

How do I earn MCTS Certification?

To earn MCTS certification, you must pass one Microsoft certification exam. The exams are developed by industry professionals to reflect the way Microsoft products are used throughout the world.

There are multiple exams you can take to earn MCTS certification. Each exam focuses on a different aspect of Microsoft products and technologies. These topics range from application development to network administration. Please visit the Microsoft website for more information.

The MCTS Certification Exam can be taken at Seminole State's Professional Testing and Certification Center.

How can Seminole State help prepare me for the MCTS exam?

Seminole State provides courses in Microsoft Windows 2008 Server, Vista, Network Infrastructure, Active Directory and Applications Infrastructure, which can help you prepare for the following MCTS exams:

  • Exam 70-620: Windows Vista Client
  • Exam 70-640: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory
  • Exam 70-642: Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure
  • Exam 70-643: Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure

The courses that Seminole State College provides as part of its professional certification programs are designed to help students prepare for a certification exam. Students must pass the corresponding exam in order to earn certification in a certain area. Passing the courses does not guarantee that a student will pass the exam.

What career opportunities can I explore with MCTS Certification?

Earning MCTS certification is a logical step toward entering a career as a:

  • Senior/Junior Network Engineer Network Manager
  • Project Manager
  • CIO

For further information on career possibilities, or for assistance with job placement, please visit the Seminole State Career Center website.


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