Secondary Core Measure Activities for Community Involvement

Overview of Project

The purpose of the community involvement lesson plans is to provide structured activities that encourage students to use English outside of the classroom and involve them in the community. These lesson plans have been developed as part of the Florida Department of Education's 2006-2007 English Literacy and Civics Education Project English Literacy Challenge Grant.

Lesson Plans and Handouts

Cultural Groups: The American DreamLow IntermediateAmerican Dream Worksheet
Cultural Groups: Multicultural EventLow IntermediateMulticultural Event Worksheet
Domestic Violence: Services in the CommunityFoundations/Low Beginning/High BeginningDomestic Violence Worksheet
Emergency Services: Locating Emergency SheltersFoundations/Low Beginning/High BeginningEmergency Shelters Worksheet
Emergency Services in the CommunityLow/High IntermediateEmergency Services Worksheet
Emergency Services: Reporting a Car AccidentLow IntermediateReporting a Car Accident Worksheet
How to Obtain a Florida Driver's LicenseHigh IntermediateDriver's License Worksheet
Recreational Resources in the CommunityHigh Intermediate/Advanced
(may be adapted to other levels to emphasize certain skills)
Recreational Resources Worksheet
Social Service and Health Agencies: Getting Information from a Health AgencyLow IntermediateGetting Info from Health Agency Worksheet
Social Service and Health Agencies: Health-Related AgenciesFoundations/Low Beginning/High BeginningHealth-Related Agencies Worksheet
Social Service and Health Agencies: Childcare Services in the CommunityHigh IntermediateChild and Day Care Worksheet
Social Service and Health Agencies: Community Childcare ServicesHigh IntermediateDaycare Services Worksheet
U.S. Election ProcessHigh Beginning/Low Intermediate/High Intermediate/AdvancedU.S. Election Process Worksheet
Volunteer Opportunities: Food DriveAll LevelsFood Drive Worksheet
Volunteer Opportunities: RecyclingLow IntermediateRecycling Worksheet



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