Assessment and Testing Agreement

Please Read Carefully

You are about to take a “proctored” exam. Testing Specialists must watch the examinee to ensure that no cheating takes place. Cheating is defined as any unauthorized activity that impairs or alters the circumstances of the exam as a measure of the knowledge or skills it was designed to assess, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Obtaining, or attempting to obtain, in advance of the exam, the specific questions, prompts, answers, responses, or exam question materials that are, or claiming to be, part of the exam.
  2. Providing, or attempting to provide, to an examinee in advance of the exam, the specific questions, answers, responses, or exam question materials that are, or claim to be, part of the exam.
  3. Bringing, or attempting to bring, into the exam room, materials, equipment, or information in any tangible form that could be used to provide unauthorized assistance in responding to exam questions or directions.
  4. During the exam, looking, or attempting to look, at the exam answers, responses, or other materials of another examinee.
  5. During the exam, providing, or attempting to provide, exam answers, responses, or other unauthorized information to an examinee.
  6. During the exam using, or attempting to use, prohibited aids, e.g., cell phone, calculator, Internet Browser/Google, MP3, watch, scan-pen, or any other electronic devise. Do not click on Start-Button to access a calculator.
    • Note: You may not use your cell phone until after you have completed your exam.
  7. During or after the exam, taking, or attempting to take, from the exam room, copies of or notes regarding exam questions, prompts, answers, responses, or exam question materials.
  8. During the exam, continuing to work on the exam after the testing time has elapsed and a directive to stop working has been given by a Testing Specialist or room supervisor.
  9. Taking, or attempting to take, the exam while falsely claiming to be an examinee.
  10. You are not allowed to wear head-gear (hats, hoods, scarfs, sunglasses or any other head-gear) except for religious or medical reasons.
  11. You must conduct yourself in a civil manner at all times when on the premises of the testing center. Exhibiting abusive behavior or language towards staff members of the test center will not be allowed or permitted.
  12. PERT takes 2.5 - 3 hours. Testing must be completed in the same day, unless a seven-day extension is needed.

Students who are cited with any of the above infractions are not allowed to continue their examination; the entire standardized test is voided (Exception: classroom make-up tests may be voided by the professor only. All infractions cited during make-up testing are referred to the classroom professor for disciplinary purposes.); the cost of the test is forfeited; and no tests may be taken in the Assessment and Testing Centers on any campus for a period of three weeks. Should a student be cited for cheating a second time, the student will be referred to the judiciary process and may have sanctions imposed of suspension or dismissal. No further testing will be allowed until after the judiciary process has ended.


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