Employee Parking Information

Parking Permits

For employees to obtain a Seminole State parking permit, please do the following:

  • Log in to the Parking Permit System using your MySeminoleState login.
  • Select Parking Permit Request.
  • Enter your vehicle information. You will need to know your vehicle tag number.
  • Select Request Parking Permit.
  • Log out of the site.

Picking up Parking Permits

  • Employees need to go to any Campus Security Office to pick up your parking permit.
  • You will need to show your Blue & Gold ID card to pick up your parking permit.

Students can pick up their parking permit at the following locations:

CampusStudent Pick Up Location
Altamonte SpringsID desk in Library or Cashiers Office (first floor)
HeathrowID desk in Student Services or Cashiers Office (first floor)
OviedoID desk in Academic Success Center (OVE-200) or Cashiers Office (Student Services Building)
Sanford/Lake MaryID desk in new Student Center (first floor) or Cashiers Office (first floor in new Student Center)

Rules and Regulations

Seminole State faculty and staff members must abide by the following rules and regulations while driving and parking on campus:

  • Faculty and staff vehicles must be registered with the College and display a current parking permit at all times. Faculty/staff hang tags and temporary parking permits can be obtained from the Safety and Security Office on any Seminole State campus. There is no charge for the permit.
  • Faculty and staff may park in designated "Faculty/Staff" parking areas, striped with orange lines, as well as "Student" parking areas, striped with white lines. Faculty and staff may not park in green-lined "Visitor" parking spaces or in any other prohibited areas at any time.
  • Hang tags should be displayed from the rearview mirror. Faculty and staff members with multiple vehicles should register each vehicle with the College; however, only one hang tag will be issued per employee.
  • Having a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space. A lack of convenient parking is not a valid excuse for violating parking regulations.
  • Parking violations will result in fines. Three or more unpaid violations could lead to disciplinary action from the employee's supervisor or department head and/or the vehicle being towed at the owner's expense.
  • Fifteen-minute loading zones are designated for faculty and staff to load and unload items as needed. These areas are monitored, and tickets will be issued for those who exceed the time limit.
  • Lost or stolen parking tags must be reported to the Safety and Security Office immediately. If the lost or stolen permit is not reported, the vehicle owner may be held responsible for any citations issued for that decal or vehicle.

Violators of any of the above rules and regulations will be fined, towed or subject to other penalties as set forth by the College's District Board of Trustees.


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