Parking and Traffic Enforcement

Seminole State College of Florida's traffic and parking regulations are designed to provide reasonable, well-situated parking at each campus and to maximize safety for students, faculty, staff and visitors. These regulations apply to all motorists who drive and park on Seminole State property and are strictly enforced at all sites.

By clarifying and enforcing traffic and parking regulations, the College hopes to:

  • Make the most effective use of available space.
  • Help ensure the smooth, safe flow of traffic.
  • Provide access for emergency vehicles to all roadways and parking lots at all times.

Anyone who violates campus parking rules will be fined, towed or subject to other penalties as set forth by the College's District Board of Trustees.

Additional Information

For more information about driving and parking on campus, as well as a detailed overview of the College's policies and procedures, visit the following Web pages:

If you have any questions, please contact the Safety and Security Department at 407.708.2178.


Safety and Security
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