Johanna Marquez Diaz

Johanna Marquez Diaz is a biomedical science major who plans to go to medical school to become a neonatal physician. After graduating from Seminole State College of Florida in Spring 2020 with her Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree, she transferred to Florida State University. 

Marquez Diaz credits many opportunities at Seminole State to the Wayne M. Densch scholarship program. “It all began with the freshman retreat; I was introduced to some of the great mentors I have now," she said. "Their testimonials and passion for the success of students has left an impact on my academics and personal life that will carry on through the rest of my life.”

Marquez Diaz says the Wayne M. Densch First Generation Scholarship program provided her with the financial help to cut back on work and allow more time for studying and getting involved on campus. In addition to being an active member in the First Generation Freshmen Program, Marquez Diaz served as a peer mentor for the First Generation Program Office in Fall 2019 and was a Campus Activities Team (CAT) member, a civic scholar and a Grindle Honors Institute student. 

Her advice to first-year students is to get involved and make connections on campus. “Being involved in student life has provided me with the opportunity to meet people that have a positive influence in my life," she said. "I learned to organize events with the Campus Activities Team, develop my leadership skills with the organizations I am a part of and serve the community I live in with Seminole State Volunteers.”


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