Transportation and Travel Resources

Below are links to Web resources you can use to practice English used in work and life situations (based on the Florida Adult ESOL Frameworks).

This Web page contains links to other websites. These links are not endorsements of any products or services in such sites, and no information in such site has been endorsed or approved by Seminole State.

Transportation and Travel Resources

Audio Resources/Listening Practice/Giving Directions 
  1. Giving Directions (easy level; with audio)
  2. Giving Directions (difficult level; with audio)
  3. Giving Directions (medium level; with audio)
  4. Giving Directions (difficult level; with audio)
Audio Resources/Listening Practice/Traffic-Related
  1. Roadside Assistance: Emergency Calls
  2. Traffic Ticket (medium level; with audio)
  3. Car Accident (medium level; with audio)
  4. Driver's License (medium level; with audio)
  5. Driving Road Test (medium level; with audio)
Audio Resources/Listening Practice/Transportation
  1. Bus Schedule (a listening quiz)
  2. Adult Learning Activities by the California Distance Learning Project
    • Click "Going Places" at the top of the page.
    • Click on the life skills headings to view substantial lists of topics with the following format:
      • Page 1: Reading (with audio and some videos)
      • Page 2: Vocabulary (with audio)
      • Page 3: Spelling Practice
      • Page 4: Follow-up activity (a matching game)
      • Page 5: Comprehension Questions
    • Scores can be printed or emailed.
Audio Resources/Listening Practice/Travel
  1. Travel (a medium-level exercise with vocabulary, audio and a quiz)
  2. Vacation Plans (a medium-level exercise with audio, as well as a quiz and script)
  3. Sightseeing Around Town (an easy-level listening activity with audio, as well as a script and exercises)
  4. Flight Arrangements (a medium-level listening activity with audio, as well as a script and exercises)
  5. Airport Announcement (a difficult-level listening activity with audio, as well as a script and exercises)
  6. Hotel Reservations (easy level; with audio)
  7. Budget Hotel Rooms (medium level; with audio)
  1. Automobile Vocabulary (a quiz with corresponding answers)
  2. Language Associated with Automobile Maintenance
Driving Responsibilities
  1. Driver's Handbook (from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles)
Responding to a Law Enforcement Officer
  1. Tips on What to Do If You Are Stopped by a Law Enforcement Officer (from the Florida Highway Patrol)
Road Signs
  1. Links to Pictures of Road Sign Shapes and Colors, as well as Pedestrian and Driver Signs (includes an alphabetized list at the bottom of the page)
  2. Road Signs (in printable PDF format)
Trip Planning/Directions
  1. Giving Directions (a handout with links for map reading and listening practice; in printable PDF format)
  2. Reading a City Map (quiz with self-check answers)
  3. Reading Maps (quiz with self-check answers)
  4. Mapping Information and Activities
  5. Spatial Relations (basic prepositions explained on slides; click and hold down mouse button to activate a slide's graphics) 
  6. Transportation Verbs - Quiz
Travel - Exploring the United States
  1. Practice Activities (Exploring the United States)


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