Florida Department of Education Adult ESOL Curriculum

The Florida Department of Education ESOL Curriculum documents have been posted to assist instructors in developing and planning lessons that best suit the needs of English language learners. 

The Adult ESOL Curriculum Framework consists of four interrelated blueprints:

Blueprint 1 – The English Language Proficiency Standards for Adult Education and the Florida ABE Reasoning through Language Arts

Blueprint 1 consists of the ELP Standards and the ABE RLA Standards combined into one document. In this combined document, the ELP Anchor Standards are intentionally placed before the RLA Standards to show they are the emphasis of instruction. English Language Learners need to first become proficient in the English language in order to engage effectively with the RLA Standards. The term English Language Proficiency is defined as the level of English language knowledge and skills needed by an English language learner to be academically successful.

Blueprint 2 – Florida DOE Life and Work Competencies 

The second blueprint is grounded in the Florida DOE Life and Work Competencies. The Florida DOE Life and Work Competencies cover the following subject areas: Communication, Employment, Community, Consumer Education, Health, Civics, Environment, Mathematics for ESOL, Learning and Thinking. Many of these life and work competencies can be taught across the full range of the Adult ESOL levels, while some are more applicable to beginning levels and others to advanced levels.

Blueprint 3 – Florida DOE Prerequisite ESOL Literacy Skills

The third blueprint is grounded in the Prerequisite ESOL Literacy Skills, which are duplicated without making any changes from the standards and competencies of the Florida DOE Literacy Skills for Adult ESOL course. The Literacy Skills for Adult ESOL course is now included within the Adult ESOL course in an effort to seamlessly transition students who are pre-literate, non-literate, or semi-literate in their native language into the Adult ESOL course. Teachers should utilize the Prerequisite ESOL Literacy Skills to support language acquisition when working with students who are pre-literate, non-literate, or semi-literate in their native language.

Blueprint 4: Civics Standards

The fourth blueprint is grounded in a set of civics standards provided by the Homeland Security US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as a supplement to the Adult ESOL course. The civics standards fulfill the intent of the Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education (IELCE) Program. Students enrolled at any level (1-6) of the Adult ESOL course are eligible to participate in the IELCE Program. 

Tools for Developing Lessons

  • ESOL Curriculum Map for Contextualized and Collaborative Instruction Template - Life and Work Competencies/Ventures Integrated Skills Series (Use is optional)   
  • AE Curriculum Matrix: An online lookup tool that dynamically returns resources that are correlated to Florida's adult education framework standards.



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