User Responsibilities

Seminole State College's Computing and Telecommunication Services (CTS) Department has adopted the Acceptable Use Policy of the National Science Foundation. The policy states that Internet use at Seminole State College must be for educational or research purposes only. It also requires all computer use to comply with the laws of the United States of America and the state of Florida. The network may not, therefore, be used to transmit unlicensed copies of copyrighted software, books or articles.

Students, as well as faculty and staff members, must assume certain responsibilities when accessing Seminole State College's computer and online resources. Users must:

  • Use the resources only for their specified purposes.
  • Comply with established controls.
  • Prevent the disclosure of sensitive or confidential information.
  • Log out of unattended terminals or PCs.
  • Ensure that passwords are unique and kept classified at all times (not taped to a monitor or keyboard). Users should not use passwords that are associated with them or their names (even if the names are spelled backwards), including their birth dates, telephone numbers or addresses. Users should always use a series of distinctive numbers and letters for their passwords. Passwords should always be at least five alphanumeric characters in length.
  • Change their initial password(s) at login or immediately after. Passwords should be changed every six months, whenever the password has been revealed to someone else, or when prompted by the system at login.
  • Not use another person's login ID and password to gain access to a system or application.
  • Not allow their login IDs and passwords to be used by another person to gain access to a system or application. Users are responsible for any activities conducted under their login information.


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