Secure login using Multi-Factor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication for Seminole State Microsoft Applications

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) creates an additional layer of security when logging into your Microsoft Office 365 account. This additional security is associated with something in your possession, such as a personal smartphone, that asks for additional proof which would be unavailable to any unauthorized user who gained access to your Microsoft Office 365 account 

Why use Multi-Factor Authentication? 

Compromised passwords are one of the most common ways that hackers can get at your data, your identity, or your money. Using Multi-Factor Authentication is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to make it a lot harder for them.

Your data will be safer because hackers would need access to both your password and authorization code from your personal device or phone. 

By keeping your account secure, you will also help protect your school and your community by minimizing the opportunity for hackers to take advantage of unsecured accounts.

How to set up Multi-Factor Authentication with your mobile device


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