Academic Computing

Service Request System

The Service Request System is used to request assistance from a variety of departments at the College.

Academic Computing and User Services provides support for desktop, classroom and lab computers, as well as supervision of campus-wide network servers and email access.

The office supports the College and its constituents by:

Office of Academic Computing and User Services Resources
  • Troubleshooting computers over the phone or by remote access.
  • Assisting instructors with the use of computer equipment.
  • Configuring new laptop computers.
  • Installing and maintaining workstations applications and smart classroom controls.
  • Logging, dispatching help and tracking user requests until they are completed.
  • Monitoring critical operational systems.
  • Providing quotes for computer supplies and peripheral devices.
  • Providing off-campus computer checkout services for employees.
  • Resetting network logins and email passwords.


Phone: 407.708.2000