Canon Printer Operation Instructions

In order to access the Canon printer, you will be prompted to log in by swiping your Blue & Gold ID card or by entering your employee ID using the keypad.

Printer Start Screen
Figure 1: Login Screen

Upon login, you will be presented with options to copy, print, scan or grade. We will begin with the "Secure Print" option. Secure Print directs all print jobs to a secure used box, where all jobs are held until they are released.

Canon Printer Initial Screen
Figure 2: Initial Screen

After clicking on the "Secure Print" icon, you will be presented with a list of all of your pending print jobs. You have four print output options to consider. You may choose to select which jobs to print. The "Print+Keep" icon prints the document and it remains in your queue for later use. The "Print+Delete" icon prints the document and the removes it from the queue. The "Print All" icon behaves similarly as all documents are printed and removed. If you change your mind, individual documents can be deleted from your queue. Unprinted document will remain in your queue for 72 hours, at which time they will be deleted.

Canon Secure Queue Screen
Figure 3: Secure Queue

The "Options" icon will allow you to take advantage of additional printer features such as color printing, hole punch and duplex printing.

Canon Print Options Screen
Figure 4: Print Options

The "Scan" icon provides two defaults destinations. The "ScanToEmail" option will send a scanned document to your Inbox. The "ScanToFDrive" option will send the file to your network drive.

Canon Scan Screen
Figure 5: Scan

The "Copy" icon offers the default setting of one black-and-white copy. The "Options" icon provides access to a variety of settings. 

Canon Copy Screen
Figure 6: Copy

The following figures show the options available.

Canon Copy Options
Canon Copy Options
Canon Copy Options
Canon Copy Options


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