Law Enforcement Officer Certificate: Course Overviews

The following courses are required for the Law Enforcement Officer Certificate. For more information, refer to the curriculum.

  • Medical First Responder (CJD 0254): This course teaches the Department of Transportation's first responder techniques for emergency medical situations. Officer health and communicable diseases are discussed. Emphasis is placed on the signs and symptoms of each disease and the methods of transmission.
  • Criminal Justice Defensive Tactics (CJD 0704): This course instructs students in an officer's personal safety techniques. Students also learn and practice techniques for subduing, searching and transporting individuals who resist arrest. The course also covers the use of restraining devices, impact weapons and pressure points.
  • Criminal Justice Weapons (CJD 0705): This course instructs students in the use of officer firearms, including handguns and shotguns. Safety procedures and ammunition use are emphasized. The use of chemical agents is covered, with practical exercises included.
  • Physical Training (CJD 0715C): This course introduces the concept of fitness for living. Students evaluate themselves in a planned fitness program.
  • Vehicle Operations (CJD 0723): This course explores police driving environment components. Practical exercises are conducted on the driving range.
  • Law Enforcement Legal III (CJD 0730): This course emphasizes laws specific to police officers. Traffic and driving laws are studied. Legal considerations of officer vehicle operation are explored.
  • Law Enforcement Patrol (CJD 0731): This course addresses the skills and techniques that are needed to perform patrol tactics and respond to calls. Approach methods to various high-risk situations are explored. Practical exercises for these situations are included. An emphasis is placed on unusual events, such as firefighting and crowd control.
  • Law Enforcement Traffic (CJD 0732): In this course, students study traffic enforcement and control. An emphasis is placed on DUI offenses and enforcement. Other topics include traffic accident investigation, scene management and reporting procedures.
  • Law Enforcement Investigations (CJD 0734): This course addresses investigations for various criminal activities. Techniques are developed, from initial observations through crime scene processing and case preparation. The Florida Computer Network is studied as an information source.
  • Criminal Justice Legal I (CJD 0760): This course introduces the criminal justice system and provides a history of law. The basic components of law are studied, with an emphasis on law applications. Court procedures and testimony are examined. This is a hands-on course. A lab fee is charged.
  • Criminal Justice Legal II (CJD 0761): This course examines constitutional law and how it is applied to the public and officers. Laws regarding evidence procedures, arrests, search and seizure are studied. Various statutory laws common to police and correctional officers are discussed. Emphasis is placed on various crime elements. Civil law applications are covered. Civil and criminal liability of officers is studied.
  • Criminal Justice Communications (CJD 0762): This course introduces the report writing process. Emphasis is placed on interviewing, taking statements and note taking. These three components are then merged to produce the final correctional report. Interpersonal communication skills are covered. Other topics include radio and telephone equipment and procedures
  • Interpersonal Skills I (CJD 0763): This course teaches community relations techniques and courtesy. Emphasis is placed on using these skills as a crime prevention tool. The needs of various groups within society are addressed. These needs include those for specific age groups, ethnic and cultural considerations, various states of mental and physical disabilities and substance abuse. Intervention techniques are explored for various situations such as suicide and domestic violence. Practical exercises are included to apply these techniques to actual cases.


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