Crossover Academy

The Crossover Training Program allows officers to re-focus their careers. The curriculum is not designed as a retraining program; rather, it builds on students existing experience by adding additional knowledge and skills.

Correctional Officer to Law Enforcement Officer Training

This crossover program allows correctional officers to refocus their careers on law enforcement.

The Correctional-Officer-to-Law-Enforcement-Officer Program focuses on:

  • Vehicle operation and traffic enforcement
  • Law enforcement patrol
  • Criminal investigations
  • Relationships with the community
  • Legal issues
  • Dealing with emergency situations
  • Defensive tactics and weapons

Visit the Correctional to Law Enforcement Officer webpage for more information on the C.O. to L.E.O. career path.

Law Enforcement to Correctional Officer Training

This program prepares certified law enforcement officers to become certified corrections officers without having to attend the entire corrections academy. It prepares students for the State Certification Examination for Corrections Officers approved by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Standards and Training Commission.

For additional details on the L.E.O. to C.O. crossover career path, visit the Law Enforcement to Correctional Officer webpage.


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