Career Center Staff


The Career Development Center at Seminole State College facilitates career and job connections and provides comprehensive services and resources related to career and educational development and experiential learning opportunities while empowering students to take personal responsibility for achieving these goals.


The Career Development Center will be known:

  • By all as an essential component of the institution, which is integrated throughout all areas of the college supporting workforce and academic endeavors;
  • By students and the institution as a customer-service-oriented supportive unit in providing proactive career development, job/career placement, and cooperative education services;
  • By the business and industry community as a reliable and attentive partner in meeting employment needs in a timely and effective manner;
  • By the institution and students as a provider of comprehensive media resources for career and educational planning and development;  and
  • As a leader in developing and nurturing collaborations, related to cooperative education and career placement, with other institutions of higher learning, as well as the business community.