Job Shadow Program - Employer Enrollment Form

The Job Shadow Program provides students the opportunity to explore career paths and options, experience a professional work environment, connect with professionals in their career field of interest, and observe skills and job tasks related to their career field.  

Employer hosts may

  • Design a job shadow experience that would give students a good overview of the profession and/or industry. 
  • Structure job shadowing experience based on their company, industry and profession.
  • Manage multiple job shadow students in various career focus areas.

Employers can register for the Job Shadow Program by completing the following form.

Please provide general information about your organization
Please provide contact information for the person from your organization who will be the point of contact (POC) for the job shadowing program
Will students be shadowing/observing someone other than the POC listed above? If so, please list that person's name and contact info:
Additional Questions
*If your host would like to provide any forms required by your organization in advance so that they may be distributed to your matched students once a match is secured, please email them to your job shadow program representative Tiffany Revels at
Please Read
Thank you for registering as an employer host for the Seminole State College's job shadow program.
This job shadowing program requires NO program fees from participating students or employer hosts. Students are informed of their responsibility to cover the costs of their own transportation, food, and lodging (if applicable), and are aware that they may need to cover additional costs like background checks if background checks are required by their host organization. If your organization requires a background check for student(s) job shadowing please note that Seminole State College will NOT be responsible for covering that cost.
Because this job shadowing program is open to all students without GPA or class standing requirements, Seminole State Career Center does NOT screen students/recent alumni prior to participation in the Job Shadowing program. If your organization is seeking to use this job shadow experience as a job candidate screening tool, please note that Seminole State does not collect resumes, transcripts, proof of U.S. Citizenship, age or other specific demographic information for this program. If screening candidates is your company's intent, the request for documentation of qualifications should be coordinated between your organization's Human Resources office and the student(s) AFTER Seminole State informs you of a student match. It is expected that all organizations informed of student matches will honor their commitment to serve as employer hosts.
This is not an internship or co-op, which indicate college credit or pay. By registering for this experience please note that Seminole State Career Center's number one goal is to match as many students from all majors and class levels with all available host employers. Students will be self-selecting into job shadowing experiences based solely on the information you are providing in the registration form above.
1. Students rank their experience preferences based only on the description, NOT based on the company name. Students do NOT receive the company name until after they are initially matched with an organization.
2. Matched students are encouraged to research the organization with which they have been matched. Time is given for students to decide whether or not they wish to accept this match.
3. Once the decision to accept the match is made, the student must complete and submit a written commitment to Seminole State Career Center to secure that match.
4. At that point, a Career Center representative will e-mail you the student(s) names and contact information (email and phone number).
5. After the student(s) submit a written commitment, the student(s) will then receive the primary point of contact's information for the organization and are instructed to call the host by phone to clarify details of the schedule and job shadowing logistics (such as parking, attire, days and times to shadow, etc.) prior to the first day of the week-long program. The Career Center team will not be coordinating these details with the student(s) except for communicating the information listed above during the ranking selection period. Registered students are provided training in regards to expectations and norms of a professional work environment prior to the matching process. If a student with whom your organization is matched does not arrive or demonstrates behaviors outside the scope of normal professional standards, please contact Tiffany Revels at 407-708-2294.