Resources for LGBTQ Students

As a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning (LGBTQ) student entering the workforce, you may find yourself thinking about how your sexual identity, gender identity, and gender expression relate to your job search. The following collection of resources may be helpful for the LGBTQ person entering the workplace.

General Resources

Workplace Issues

  • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) LGBT Rights - The Lesbian and Gay Rights Project offers articles, news updates and legislation summaries of workplace issues affecting LGBT persons.
  • Human Rights Campaign - Source of information on workplace and corporate attitudes and policies surrounding sexual orientation.
  • Lamda Legal - National LGBT civil rights organization; website includes information about workplace discrimination cases.
  • Pride at Work - Seeks to integrate LGBT concerns into the larger labor movement.

Job Search

  • National Gay and Lesbian Task Force - Employment and internship opportunities with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF)
  • - First e-Recruitment site dedicated to gays and lesbians to get jobs in gay-friendly companies. The website provides job postings from companies that promote diversity and provide safe and open environments for gay and lesbian workers.
  • Watermark Online - Business Directory of LGBTQ-friendly companies in the Central Florida area. 

Professional Associations


Transgender-Specific Resources


  • "Straight Jobs Gay Lives": Silverstein, Sharon & Friskopp, Annette (1996)
    An extensive resource guide covers online information services, gay professional and networking organizations, employee groups, books, statutes and ratings of companies' policies on nondiscrimination and domestic-partner benefits.
  • "From the Outside In: Strategies for Success When You’re Not a Member of the Dominant Group in Your Workplace": Blank, Renee & Slipp, Sandra (2005)
    Includes seven strategies for success when you are not a member of the dominant group in your workplace. Explains how to get ahead without selling out, recognize your personal power, and become more visible.
  • "Lavender Road to Success. The Career Guide for the Gay Community": Snyder, Kirk (2004)
    Discusses issues related to being gay in the workplace, including why you will make more money when you are out of the closet at work and how to find an employer that's perfect for you.
  • "Out at Work: Building a Gay-Labor Alliance": Krupat, Kitty & McCreery, Patrick (2000)
    Describes the hurdles in being openly homosexual in the labor movement.
  • "Straight Talk about Gays in the Workplace": Winfeld, Liz & Spielman, Susan (2005)
    Offers advice on coming out at work, with strategies and tools to improve human resources in the workplace.