Professional Networking

Eighty-five percent of all jobs are filled through private contacts and referrals with as few as three percent of all job vacancies being advertised publicly. A successful job search requires that you develop an extensive professional network to connect with unadvertised employment opportunities.

Identify Your Current Network

Your network can include any individuals you know personally or professionally. This includes:

  • Friends and family (including their friends)
  • Co-workers and employers (past and present)
  • Classmates, instructors and neighbors
  • Individuals from your religious organization, sports league, volunteer association or other social group

Strategies for Expanding Your Network

Building a strong, wide spectrum of professional associations through shared interests, memberships and initiatives provides you the backing and support needed when seeking a job. Expand your network by:

  • Joining professional associations
  • Attending career/job fairs
  • Participating in internships and/or job shadow experiences
  • Utilizing professional social networking tools, such as LinkedIn

For more information on identifying and expanding your network, download the Networking Tips Handout.

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