Alumni Legacy Scholarship

Many of us relied on scholarships and the generosity of donors to help us pursue our college education. Now, we have the opportunity to pay it forward and help the students who now stand where we once stood; the opportunity to make a direct financial impact on the students at Seminole State College.

The Alumni Legacy Endowed Scholarship was created in order to forge a path for our alumni and friends to give back to their alma mater and change the lives of students through their generosity. It is the Alumni Leadership Team’s goal to fully endow the Alumni Legacy Endowed Scholarship. With your help, we are certain to succeed in reaching that $10,000 level and continue to build the scholarship fund to increase the impact on our future alumni for generations to come.

The Alumni Legacy Scholarship will be awarded to a Seminole State College student that meets the following criteria:

  • Required GPA: 2.5
  • Enrollment Status: Full- or Part-time
  • Preference given to students displaying financial need
  • Preference given to students who have a family history of Seminole State alumni

We are alumni and we have the opportunity to change lives.