Alumni Spotlights

Seminole State Alumni Go Far!  How far? Alumni spotlights shed some light on the journeys of our alumni, their successes and experiences at and beyond Seminole State.  Are you interested in being featured?  Complete this questionnaire to start your Spotlight!

Quanisha Nugent stands outside in a black dress. She is smiling at the camera.
Q&A with Seminole State alumna Quanisha Nugent.
Kameelah Belgrave
Earning a medical degree via DirectConnect to UCF® after graduating from Seminole State College of Florida, Kameelah Belgrave’s future is bright. Her hard work and perseverance have been the fuel to her trajectory.
Seminole State alumnus E.J. Burt coaching at Lake Brantley High School
Q & A with Seminole State alumnus E.J. Burt
Kara Colangelo poses with her family.
Q and A with Seminole State alumna Dr. Kara Colangelo.