Alumni Spotlights

Seminole State Alumni Go Far!  How far? Alumni spotlights shed some light on the journeys of our alumni, their successes and experiences at and beyond Seminole State.  Are you interested in being featured?  Update your information and let us know about you!

Miguel Vasquez stands in uniform, accepting a certificate of promotion at the Orange County Sheriff's Office.
Q&A with Seminole State alumnus Miguel Vasquez
Dr. Ashley Navarro smiles at the camera. Her upper half is shown, she is wearing a blue shirt and has long, straight brown hair.
Q&A with Seminole State alumna Dr. Ashley Navarro.
Derek Demeter in a blue shirt with a green star tie. He is positioned in front of a piece of equipment in the Seminole State Planetarium pretending to be holding it up while making a funny face.
Q&A with Seminole State College of Florida alumnus Derek Demeter.
(L-R) Concetta Duren, Kim McKinnon and Lee Patrizzi smiling at the 2018 Dream Gala.
Q&A with Seminole State College of Florida alumna Lee Patrizzi.