Alumni Association Benefits and News

Stay connected to Seminole State through the Alumni Association.

The Alumni Association provides benefits and services for alumni as they continue their lifelong connection with Seminole State College of Florida. It also provides opportunities for alumni to network with one another, interact with the student body and support the College.

Alumni Association Benefits

The Seminole State Alumni Association supports the mission of the College, informs alumni of campus events and provides opportunities to engage with fellow alumni. The Alumni Association communicates through newsletters, emails, and meetings. Active alumni members become exemplary ambassadors for the College, taking the institution's message into their workplaces, communities and civic organizations.

For more information about the Alumni Association and benefits, please email the Alumni Association or call 407.708.4567.

Alumni News

On a blurred out background of a campus shot of the Sanford/Lake Mary Campus, two photos are placed on top with white borders. On the left is Geoffrey Pollack in business attire standing in front of a sign for the Insurance Office of America. On the right is a headshot of Reagan Mosrie wearing a red shirt and gold jewlery.
Seminole State College of Florida alumni Geoffrey Pollock and Reagan Mosrie prove that accounting is a field for problem-solvers who take challenges head-on.
Over a blurred photo of the Heathrow Campus are three separate photos of the Alumni Excellence Honorees. (L-R) Daniel Gebon with Interim Assistant Director of Development Laura Schumacher, PJ Anderson and Music Program Coordinator and Accompanist Robin Parker.
The Seminole State College of Florida Alumni Association is pleased to announce the 2020 Alumni Legacy Award winners.
Christine Kindell stands in the middle between two theatre students at a Center for Fine and Performing Arts Networking Employer Workshop.
Q&A with Seminole State College of Florida alumna Christine Kindell.
Miguel Vasquez stands in uniform, accepting a certificate of promotion at the Orange County Sheriff's Office.
Q&A with Seminole State alumnus Miguel Vasquez
Tina Beck sits at her desk. On her computer monitors she has a power point up with the label "Star Formation with JWST."
As a lifelong Central Florida resident, Tina Beck grew up watching shuttle launches with her dad and falling in love with everything space related.
Dr. Ashley Navarro smiles at the camera. Her upper half is shown, she is wearing a blue shirt and has long, straight brown hair.
Q&A with Seminole State alumna Dr. Ashley Navarro.
Derek Demeter in a blue shirt with a green star tie. He is positioned in front of a piece of equipment in the Seminole State Planetarium pretending to be holding it up while making a funny face.
Q&A with Seminole State College of Florida alumnus Derek Demeter.
(L-R) Concetta Duren, Kim McKinnon and Lee Patrizzi smiling at the 2018 Dream Gala.
Q&A with Seminole State College of Florida alumna Lee Patrizzi.
Lindsey Nolan in mid pitching motion. The softball is in her hand and raised above her head. She is wearing her Seminole State Raider's uniform.
Q&A with Seminole State College of Florida alumna Lindsey Nolan.
AJ Norman pitched for Seminole State from 2014 - 2016. In this picture he is in his uniform and is preparing to throw a pitch.
Q&A with Seminole State College of Florida alumnus AJ Norman.