Alumni Association Benefits and News

Stay connected to Seminole State through the Alumni Association.

The Alumni Association provides benefits and services for alumni as they continue their lifelong connection with Seminole State College of Florida. It also provides opportunities for alumni to network with one another, interact with the student body and support the College.

Alumni Association Benefits

The Seminole State Alumni Association supports the mission of the College, informs alumni of campus events and provides opportunities to engage with fellow alumni. The Alumni Association communicates through newsletters, emails, and meetings. Active alumni members become exemplary ambassadors for the College, taking the institution's message into their workplaces, communities and civic organizations.

For more information about the Alumni Association and benefits, please email the Alumni Association or call 407.708.4567.

Alumni News

(L-R) Alumni Association Chair Amber Clore, Diane Crews, Hayley Furman and Seminole State President Dr. Georgia L. Lorenz attend the Seminole State Alumni Association's annual Alumni Legacy Awards.
The Seminole State College of Florida Alumni Association has honored Diane Crews as its 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient. The Alumni Association also created two new award categories this year – a Honors Alumni Award and Alumni Excellence Honorees.
Melissa Cunningham at the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship event in 2015
Melissa Cunningham decided to go back to school in 2012 following a series of hardships including an accident involving a drunken driver and her son developing a severe heart condition.She selected Seminole State College of Florida to pursue her degree, and she was one of four students from Seminole State College to earn a Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship in 2015.
Daniel Leon Davis is a champion for social change
In the middle of one of the most hotly contested social movements in recent history, you’ll find Daniel Leon-Davis, co-founder and partner of The Soze Agency, which works to shift the narrative that creates positive culture and drives change forward.
Jason Valentin's head shot for Stantec
Jason Valentin has a talent for surprising himself. He was chosen out of six up-and-coming designers to appear as designer Frank Bielec’s assistant for an episode of the hit show “Trading Spaces.” Through it all, his hard work and humble nature see him through challenges, and the accomplishments keep coming.
Ben Paris Headshot
While attending Lyman High School, Paris and a few of his friends faced the usual dilemma toward the end of their high school years… to go to college or not to go to college? The guys all settled on attending Seminole State College of Florida to earn some prerequisite credits, and it’s a decision that Paris says really changed the trajectory of his career.
Seminole State Alumnus Pete Mangos
Nearly 20 years ago Pete Mangos, a native of Canada, joined the civil design team at Disney, but it wasn't until 2012 that he made the commitment to go back to school at Seminole State College to earn his degree.
Latifah Maasarani studying optics and photonics
Alumna Latifah Maasarani discovered her passion for studying optics and photonics at Seminole State College and has flourished in leadership roles in the STEM field.
Curtis Duren
Seminole State alumnus Curtis Duren says his introduction to telephones while serving in the U.S. Navy fostered his love of electronics and his desire to pursue a degree at Seminole State.
Brian Gonzales is the co-founder of WealthQuotient, a company that helps organizations more effectively engage the ultra-affluent through training and consulting services
Seminole State alumnus Brian Gonzales remembers his time at Seminole State College as a big turning point in his development as a student and as a person.
Gavin Schmidt has worked for the Seminole County Fire Department for over 18 years.
Gavin Schmidt has worked for the Seminole County Fire Department for over 18 years. He’s reached a point in his life where he was looking to mix it up a bit and decided to apply to be on the hit Netflix baking show “Nailed It!”.