Sample Writing Topics

The handouts below provide sample topics for students enrolled in ENC 0015C: Developmental Writing I, ENC 0025C: Developmental Writing II, and ENC 1101: English I.

Each handout is printer-friendly and contains several prompts for writing practice. Students are encouraged to use these prompts to write timed compositions and bring their completed work to the Academic Success Center (ASC) on any campus. Each ASC writing area is staffed with paraprofessionals and English instructional support specialists who are eager to assist currently enrolled students by offering helpful hints and suggestions for improvement.

In most cases, students will be given 50 minutes to complete an in-class, timed writing assignment.

ENC 0015C: Developmental Writing I

ENC: 0025C: Developmental Writing II

ENC 1101: English I


Academic Success Center Information
Altamonte Springs Campus
407.404.6050 | ALT-220

Heathrow Campus
407.708.4415 | HEA-106

Lee Campus at Oviedo
407.971.5044 | OVE-200

Sanford/Lake Mary Campus
407.708.2102  |  L-200