PERT Skills Review Resources

Seminole State students studying for PERT Refresh

The Academic Success Center's (ASC) Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT) Skills Review Resources are provided to help students review concepts in mathematics, reading, and writing.

Students should take time to study these concepts and skill areas before retaking the PERT.

What are the ASC's PERT Skills Review Resources?

The ASC's resources are intended to help students prepare to retake the PERT and gauge their current abilities. They are not intended to teach students or train them to get the best scores on the PERT so they can enroll in college-level courses and bypass developmental courses. 

The resources below provide a supplemental review of the skills introduced in the subtest packets. Before using them, students must purchase the subtest packets from a Seminole State bookstore.

Arithmetic Skills Resources
Arithmetic Skills Online Resources
Reading Comprehension Skills Resources
Reading Comprehension Skills Online Resources
Sentence Skills Resources
Sentence Skills Online Resources
Other Resources

Please note: In the interest of providing an accurate assessment of students' abilities as they start college, the ASC does not teach or tutor students in skill areas for placement testing. No guarantees are implied or assumed by the ASC by providing these resource links.


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