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Science Tutoring Session at the Academic Success Center

The science area of each Academic Success Center is staffed with peer tutors who have successfully completed college courses in the biological and physical sciences. Instructional support specialists are ready to assist students with complicated and often difficult-to-grasp scientific concepts. Our specialists can explain concepts and clarify ideas, so students can better understand the content covered in their science courses. ASC staff members can also suggest valuable study skills and strategies appropriate to mastering course content.

Additionally, models, slides, microscopes, skeletons, flash cards, flip charts and reference books are available for student use at each ASC.

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Academic Success Center Information
Altamonte Springs Campus
407.404.6050 | ALT-220

Heathrow Campus
407.708.4415 | HEA-106

Lee Campus at Oviedo
407.971.5044 | OVE-200

Sanford/Lake Mary Campus
407.708.2102  |  L-200