Guidelines for Placing Posters and Flyers on Campus

Seminole State College has developed a set of guidelines to govern the hanging of posters and flyers around campus. These guidelines are intended to:

  • Keep the College's buildings clean and in good condition
  • Ensure consistency with College standards for publications
  • Comply with relevant College policies and procedures

Seminole State defines a "poster" or "flyer" as any form of print publicity — with no regard to size, shape or content — that is displayed in a public area. The following policies and regulations must be adhered to when placing posters and flyers on any Seminole State campus:

  • The Student Activities Office must approve and stamp all posters and flyers prepared by College faculty, staff, administrators, departments and student organizations, as well as any posters or flyers prepared by off-campus organizations, businesses or individuals, before posting occurs on campus. The name of the sponsoring office or organization must be clearly indicated on the poster or flyer.
  • All posters and flyers must be in good taste. Poor taste includes, but is not limited to: sexually explicit pictures or photographs of any persons without clothing; statements, symbols, depictions or references to alcohol or drugs (i.e. pictures of beer, kegs, beer steins or the acronym "BYOB"); foul language; and any other offensive or vulgar material.
  • Use thumb tacks, staples and/or tape to place posters and flyers on bulletin boards. Use masking tape to place posters and flyers on indoor walls. Gray tape may be used to secure posters and flyers to exterior walls. The use of clear tape is not permitted under any circumstances.
  • Only one poster or flyer regarding any one event is allowed on each bulletin board.
  • Only three posters or flyers regarding any one event may be placed in each hallway. When posting on walls, posters and flyers must be placed two or more feet from all doorways.
  • Posters and flyers may not be placed on top of any existing materials on the College's bulletin boards or walls.
  • Posters and flyers are not permitted in the following locations at any time:
    • Glass entrance doors to buildings
    • Bathroom doors in academic buildings
    • Windows
    • The College's library, gymnasium, Fine Arts Concert Hall, Fine Arts Theatre or Weldon Administration Building (building A)
    • Light or electrical fixtures
    • Fire alarm boxes and emergency equipment
  • The posting organization, department or individual is responsible for removing all posters and flyers within 24 hours of the conclusion of the publicized event. Students, faculty and staff should not remove posters or flyers from campus unless the publicized event has already occurred or the poster is in clear violation of any of the aforementioned regulations.

If you have any questions or concerns about Seminole State's posting policy, please contact the Office of Student Life at 407.708.2611.

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