Student Life Resources

Below, you will find a list of forms that your club or organization may need:

Advisor/Clubs and Organizations Resource Manual

  • Advisor/Clubs and Organizations Resource Manual: This manual provides both student leaders and advisors important information regarding resources available to them. It is recommended that club leaders and advisiers take the time to look over the material contained in this manual.

Clubs and Organizations Officers/Members Roster Forms

Outside Organizations

SGA Funding and Fundraising Forms

  • SGA Request for Funds: Use this form if your organization wants to request Student Government Association (SGA) funds.
  • Fundraising Form: Use this form if your organization wants to raise funds.
  • Purchase Request Form: Use this form to organize any purchases your club is making using SGA or Activities and Service Fee's funds.

Travel and Emergency Contact Forms

These forms are to be completed by every student traveling to any off-campus function, event or conference.

For more information on campus clubs and organizations, email Mauricio Garcia or call him at 407.708.2678.

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