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Fall Social Science Hour - "The American School Shooting Dilemma"

Seminole State's Social Sciences department hosts different events throughout the year. These events help increase interest in the social sciences and encourage greater appreciation for the subject area.   In addition, it focuses on the important role social science disciplines play in understanding both the individual and society.  

Come join us and inquire into the social sciences!

Social Science Hour

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The American School Shooting Dilemma

  • Why are school shootings happening? 
  • Do school shooters fit a particular profile? 
  • What are schools currently doing to prevent violence?  
  • What more can be done to prevent future school shootings?

These are the kind of questions raised every time a school shooting occurs. Getting a better grasp on school shootings, as challenging as it might be, is a clear priority given that school shootings have become increasingly common in America. 

Guest Speakers

  • Political Science - Dr. Brooke Allen
  • Psychology - Dr. Doreen Collins
  • Police Academy - Dr. Alex Toth


Join us for our Fall Social Science Hour as we explore answers to these questions from a social science perspective.

Social Science Video Contest Winners

Are you a participant in this semester's social science video contest?
Current winners must be able to attend the Social Science Hour Event. To learn more about the semi-annual video contest, visit the Social Science Video Contest webpage.


Rebecca K. Padilla
Professor, Sociology