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The Spring 2023 Contest

The Drug Use Crisis 

Key Dates and Deadlines
March 27, 2023
Video submission deadline
March 27, 2023 by 11:59 p.m. ET
* Winners must be available to attend the Social Science Hour Event on April 14, 2023 *

When it comes to the drug use in America, we often turn to the medical experts for answers. However, this is an issue that impacts our entire society. Social science researchers have been looking at the impact of drug use for decades. Psychologists have been exploring the benefits of marijuana use on PTSD while balancing the incoming research on its impact on psychosis. Sociologists have been looking into its impact on differential treatment of race, class, and gender in the criminal justice system. In addition, the rise in drug addiction is being felt across all levels of social class, race, and gender lines. Economists examine the impact of the drug crisis on the economy. Political scientists consider the role of public policy in curbing the drug issue. Clearly, the social sciences are at the forefront of the drug race, providing research and answers to the unending questions that present themselves daily.

Create a 4-6 minute video where you critically examine the use of drugs through a social science lens. Examples of possible topics related to the social sciences have been included below.

  • What role should the social sciences play in the drug crisis?
  • How has social science research helped you to better understand the impacts of drug use on the individual, community, and society?
  • Why is this research important to take into consideration during this time?
  • Should current policy makers be aware of this research?

Topics may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Cross cultural examination of drugs
  • The economic impact on rural communities dealing with the opioid crisis.
  • Main social factors (causes) involved in the rising rates of opioid additions in the U.S.
  • The social construction of marijuana use as a deviant act. Who defined this issue as a social problem/crime and why?
  • The impact of Fentanyl on individuals and society. It seems to be everywhere these days. How did this happen?
  • Criminalization of marijuana in terms of race/ethnicity and the War of Drugs
  • Would legalizing drugs help the economy?
  • How can informed public policy help curb the existing drug-overdose epidemic?
  • What are the potential effects of federal and state drug policies on drug abuse rates and other related problems?
  • Would efforts to legalize or decriminalize drug use help or hurt the situation?
  • Who are the interested parties in the drug-overdose epidemic? How do they benefit/how are they hurt by the epidemic?
  • Evaluation of the cost effectiveness of drug abuse treatment services
  • Marijuana’s impact on individuals with PTSD
  • The neurological impact of drugs on the brain
  • The social environmental causes of drug use
  • The impact of drug use on the individual and society

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Awards Per Student

(Group Submissions Not Allowed)
In addition to being listed in Seminole State's Social Sciences
Hall of Fame, winners will receive:

  • First place:  $313.14 to cover tuition cost for one course ($104.38/credit)
  • Second place:  $150 to cover half the tuition cost for one course
  • Third place:  $50

Social Science Hour Event

Join us at our Spring Social Science Hour as we discover this semester's topic,  Let's Talk About Drugs.  Social sciences are at the forefront of the drug race, providing research and answers to unending questions that present themselves daily.  Come listen and participate in discussions as we explore answers from a social science perspective. Current video contest winners must be able to attend the event.

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