College Success

As of Fall Term 2012, students whose test scores place them in two or more preparatory courses will be required to take College Success (SLS 1101). 

Important Note 

Succeeding in a college environment is paramount to your overall collegiate success. To help you achieve optimal performance, Seminole State offers a three-credit course in College Success (SLS 1101).

Students who take the course generally receive better grades, stay in school and have a better collegiate experience overall. The techniques and skills you acquire in the course will help you identify and deal with learning, personal or social problems that could interfere with your ability to learn. No prerequisite is required for the course.

Who should take this course?

  • First-time students
  • Students returning back to school after a number of years
  • Students who are experiencing academic difficulties

What You'll Learn

Designed to teach you how to become more effective in college, College Success focuses on the development of practical skills and knowledge to do so. You will have the opportunity to learn and develop techniques and skills such as:

  • Setting goals
  • Managing your time
  • Improving your retention of information
  • Learning how to take notes
  • Strengthen your reading and test taking skills
  • Dealing with test anxiety
  • Mastering stress reduction techniques
  • Using the library and other resources on campus
  • Critical thinking
  • Adapting to various instructional styles
  • Understanding your own learning style
  • Cultivating an appreciation for diversity
  • Establishing appropriate classroom behaviors
  • Learning methods to deal effectively with issues typically faced by college students such as student/teacher communication, substance abuse and health issues.


First and foremost, Seminole State is student-centered with an enduring commitment to learning and focus on individual student success. Our faculty is dedicated to providing you with well-rounded, quality instruction. Professors of the College Success course are interested - and committed - to helping you be successful in college. The class is taught to meet the needs of various learning styles, and instruction is given using a wide range of mediums ranging from lectures, videos, guest speakers, written assignments and interactive classroom activities.

Student Comments

  • "This was one of the classes I really enjoyed coming to every day. I felt like I learned something new every class." Adriana, age 20
  • "I have realized that this course has given me the strength to maintain balance through life's mysterious obstacles and the difficulties of adjusting to the insanity of college life, especially after twenty years." Wanda, age 48
  • "College Success what can I say? It's in the name. This class is so useful it gives you techniques, hints and almost everything that you can think of to help you succeed in college." Ricky, age 19
  • "This is the perfect first college course to take for an ESOL student like myself. Even if my English was not perfect, I was able to follow, understand and learn a lot from this class. I feel prepared to move on." Rossana, age 62


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