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Application Deadlines

The following dates represent the application deadlines for Seminole State's nursing programs.  Prospective students must submit their completed nursing application and meet all Seminole State general admission requirements by the posted deadline to be considered for admission.

We recommend you submit a Seminole State College application for admission at least 3 months before the nursing application deadline. 

  • Select "Associate of Science in Nursing (RN-AS)" as your major. 
  • Send all official transcripts and test scores to Seminole State upon acceptance.

Traditional/Generic Program (Full-time & Part-time) and Concurrent Program

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Start Date
February 13, 2024
May 13-17, 2024
Fall 2024
May 26, 2024
August 26-30, 2024
Spring 2025
November 13, 2024
January 13-17, 2025
Summer 2025

Programs and Applications

Seminole State College of Florida's nursing programs offer different degree options to help you achieve your nursing career goals.  

Degree Option
Program Offered
A.S. in Nursing (RN-AS)

Traditional/Generic Program

A.S. in Nursing (RN-AS) while pursuing a B.S. in Nursing from University of Central Florida

Concurrent Program

RN-to-B.S. in Nursing
Note:  we are currently processing Summer and Fall 2024 applications.

RN-to-BSN Program

Previous Program Policy

Students who have previously been in another program or are currently in another program that would like to apply for the nursing program, must have earned a grade of “C” or higher in all previous nursing coursework, be eligible to return to the previous program and must provide a letter of Good Academic Standing on the institution’s letterhead in a sealed envelope from the Dean of Nursing at that nursing program. The letter from the Dean of Nursing must be submitted prior to applying to the nursing program or with the nursing application.

Clinical Requirements

All students entering a healthcare program with a clinical component are required to complete a criminal background check and drug/alcohol screening upon provisional acceptance to the program.  Students must be free of offenses that could potentially disqualify them from working in a healthcare environment (Florida Statute 400.211). Admission into clinicals is at the discretion of the clinical agencies. 

Students with a positive background (have been arrested, have criminal charges, other):
We use community health care facilities to meet the clinical component of each nursing course. We have an agreement with those clinical partners that indicates that the applicants must be free of offenses that could potentially disqualify them from working in a healthcare environment.

Students with a positive background must contact the Nursing department, via email at to initiate the background clearance process.  Once clearance has been approved, the department will send the student a signed clinical clearance form. This approved Clinical Clearance Form must be submitted with the application packet.   Applications submitted by students without a completed and signed pre-cleared background check form attached will not be processed.

The clinical facilities require any student with a positive background (arrested in Florida or any other state) to be cleared by the hospitals. The process to be cleared by the hospital is a long process and needs to be initiated prior to submitting a nursing application. The approval for clinical attendance at the different facilities is at the discretion of the clinical agencies.


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