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Mission Statement

The Seminole State College of Florida Nursing Department provides the highest quality education for individuals who seek a career in the health profession. A variety of educational experiences which promote critical thinking and the development of technical skills are integrated throughout the curriculum. Our graduates are prepared to meet the current and future healthcare requirements of the community we serve.

Statement of Philosophy

Note: Core nursing classes are offered at the Altamonte Springs Campus only.

Important Note

The Department of Nursing at Seminole State College shares the mission of the College in its pursuit of learner-centered, quality education that anticipates the needs of the students and the community that it serves. The nursing faculty approaches this commitment taking into account the mission and definitions of professional nursing practice. The philosophical beliefs of the faculty in the Nursing Department are based on their expanded definitions of the four concepts of nursing's metaparadigm: person, environment, health and nursing.

The person is defined as an individual, a family or society who brings unique characteristics to the nurse/person interaction. Each person has his own unique construct of reality, assigned meanings and interpretations, which are drawn largely from life experiences.

The environment is the combined internal and external forces -- physical, emotional, interpersonal, social, cultural and spiritual -- through and in which the person constantly interacts. The person attempts to develop harmony with the environment to achieve biopsychosocial equilibrium.

Health is a dynamic, self-defined state of being. Health is impacted by the process of human development, attainment of basic needs, meaningful work, quality of life and social well-being. Health exists along a continuum from wellness to illness and reflects the person's interrelationship of mind, body and spirit. Health promotion, maintenance and restoration focus on individual behaviors, risk factors and lifestyle, and emphasize the value of the individual and the importance of personal responsibility. Health is complex and requires that nurses, as healthcare providers, consider not only the individual, but also family and population groups and the economic sociopolitical and cultural context of healthcare. Care and caring are basic to health promotion, maintenance and restoration.

Nursing is an evidence-based practice discipline, which integrates a body of specialized knowledge drawn from the physical, biological, psychological and social sciences.

The goal of nursing is to assist clients in attaining their maximum health potential. Nursing has both collaborative and independent functions that assist the well or ill client to perform activities that promote, maintain or restore health, or lead to a peaceful death. Nurses utilize a holistic approach in partnership with the client through the caring application of the nursing process: assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation. Nurses utilize sound judgment, effective communication and critical thinking skills, and incorporate legal and ethical accountability while providing quality care. The activities within the scope of nursing are guided by professional and regulatory organizations that define standards of practice and ethical behaviors.

Florida Nursing Student Association and Nursing Student Association

The key to the future of the nursing profession is having a strong, unified voice that represents the needs of nurses. Seminole State's nursing student organization is a precursor to your future professional involvement.

The Florida Nursing Student Association (FNSA) is the largest independent student professional organization in the state and is designed specifically for nursing students. On a state level, the FNSA's interests include legislative and educational activities as well as health projects.

The FNSA comprises nearly 25,000 nursing students who take advantage of the activities and benefits the association offers. The FNSA's leadership activities give you the opportunity to:

  • Serve as a representative in the annual House of Delegates.
  • Run for state and national office.
  • Win scholarships, contests and prizes for you and your school.
  • Influence the future of the nursing profession.

Meetings are scheduled during the College's designated Wednesday activity hour or at other times that are mutually agreed upon by the members.


The Nursing Program's various career tracks are recognized and fully accredited by the following agencies:

Based on ACEN Policy #29, the following student achievement outcome data be published:

  • 2016 NCLEX(R) Licensure Pass Rate:                      99.4%
  • Nursing Program Completion Rate (2016 data):  83%
  • Job Placement Rate (2015 FETPIP data):                97%

Nursing Program Policies

The policies contained in the Nursing Student Handbook, including all policies regarding criminal background checks, immunizations, CPR certification and OSHA standards training, apply to all students in Seminole State's nursing program. Nursing students are also expected to comply with all Seminole State policies, which are outlined in the online College Catalog and the Seminole State Student Handbook.


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