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New Curriculum as of Fall 2018

The RN Nursing Program is implementing a curriculum change in the Fall of 2018.  The change will impact incoming students beginning in the Fall and thereafter.   Beginning Fall 2018, the RN associate degree will consist of five (5) semesters of NUR courses.

New Part-Time RN Program  

A new part-time, evening/weekend RN track will begin in the Fall of 2018.  Please see application deadline for Fall 2018.  

Contact our Nursing department at  for further information.  

Mission Statement

The Seminole State College of Florida Nursing Department provides an exemplary education for individuals who desire a career in nursing.  A variety of educational experiences which promote critical thinking and the development of technical skills are integrated throughout the curriculum.  Our graduates are prepared to meet the current and future healthcare requirements of the diverse community that we serve.

Statement of Philosophy

Note: Core nursing classes are offered at the Altamonte Springs Campus only.

Important Note

The Department of Nursing at Seminole State College shares the mission of the College in its pursuit of learner-centered, exemplary education that anticipates the needs of the students and the diverse community that it serves.  The nursing faculty approaches this commitment taking into account the mission and definitions of professional nursing practice.  The philosophical beliefs of the faculty in the Nursing Department are based on their expanded definitions of the four concepts of nursing's metaparadigm: person, environment, health and nursing.


The Nursing Program's associate degree is recognized and fully accredited by the following agencies:

Based on ACEN Policy #29, the following student achievement outcome data must be published:

  • 2017 NCLEX(R) Licensure Pass Rate:                      98.8%
  • 2017 Nursing Program Completion Rate:             65.5%
  • Job Placement Rate (2015 FETPIP data):                97%

End-of-Program Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

RN Associate Degree End-of-Program SLOs

These Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) are threaded throughout the nursing curriculum and can be found in each course syllabus, in theory and clinical objectives, in learning activities, and in clinical and theory evaluations methodologies.  These SLOs reflect measurable behaviors, knowledge, actions, and skills essential to the practice of nursing.

 The completion of each nursing course builds on the attainment of these SLOs so that, upon program completion, SSC nursing graduates will be able to demonstrate the End-of-Program Student Learning Outcomes. 

The five End-of-Program SLOs (also known as the Five Cs) are:  Caring, Clinical Competence, Communication, Commitment to Professionalism, and Collaboration and Management of Care. 

1.  Caring

Provide patient-/family-centered care with consideration for the cultural, spiritual, and developmental differences of each patient and respect diversity.

2.  Clinical Competence and Decision Making

Utilize critical thinking skills to apply the nursing process and evidence-based practice in providing accurate and safe care. 

3.  Communication

Demonstrate effective communication skills in providing therapeutic communication with patients/families and maintaining relevant, accurate, and complete communication with the health care team.   

 4.  Commitment to Professionalism

Practice nursing within the legal, ethical, and regulatory standards of professional nursing practice, advocating for patients/families and participating in ongoing professional development. 

5.  Collaboration and Management of Care

Collaborate with the health care team to prioritize patient care, coordinate access to resources, and delegate tasks.

Nursing Program Policies

The policies contained in the Associate Degree Nursing Student Handbook, including all policies regarding criminal background checks, immunizations, CPR certification and OSHA standards training, apply to all students in Seminole State's nursing associate degree program. Nursing students are also expected to comply with all Seminole State policies, which are outlined in the online College Catalog and the Seminole State Student Handbook.  


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