Alumni Spotlight: Quanisha Nugent

Monday, May 9, 2022
Written by: Laura D. Schumacher

Name: Quanisha Nugent

Title and Company: President of Si Events, LLC

Degree pursued at Seminole State: Bachelor of Science in Business and Information Management (BIM), 2014

What factors played into your decision to attend Seminole State College?
When I decided to come to Seminole State, I had just had a baby. This life change and working full time was a really difficult situation as a bachelor’s student at the University of Central Florida. I needed flexible classes and smaller class sizes because I always had a question. When I heard about the BIM program at Seminole State, I immediately jumped on the opportunity to complete my degree.

What were your steps after leaving Seminole State?
I was employed during my time at Seminole State, and I continued working in the field of outreach and social responsibility. I followed my passion and made the decision to start my own business. My business provides fundraising development for non-profits. I also provide a unique opportunity for businesses to take the front seat in giving back to their community. I am still deciding on whether or not I would like to go back to school and continue my learning further.

How did your education and time spent at Seminole State help prepare you for where you are now?

Quanisha Nugent (left) stands with three representatives of Elevation Scholars. They stand shoulder to shoulder with the Elevation Scholars logo in the background.
Quanisha Nugent (left) stands with three representatives of Elevation Scholars

The professors at Seminole State were amazing. I had a great business professor that taught me more about business, including the ins and outs. I was able to travel abroad, which changed the way I view and interact with others. It provided me with an opportunity to really appreciate culture and arts more. I gained some great experiences. I was able to make great connections with other classmates who needed the work and school balance that Seminole State offered.

Who or what class was your greatest influence at Seminole State College?
My business class professor was amazing, he gave a lot of insight into what the book doesn't touch on. Also, Professor of Business Administration Chris Beehner, who taught the entrepreneurial manager and management and leadership development classes, was awesome and kept the class extremely engaged.

Through my passion for fundraising, Si Events has helped a local non-profit raise over $250,000 in a single event.

Quanisha Nugent.

Professionally or academically, of what are you most proud?
I am proud of my desire not to quit. I’m proud to be in my third year of business. I am also super proud that through my community work, Si Events has been able to provide over 1,500 students experiencing homelessness with Christmas presents for three years in a row. Through my passion for fundraising, Si Events has helped a local non-profit raise over $250,000 in a single event.

What advice do you have for current or prospective Seminole State students?
It really doesn't matter where you start or how it is currently going, if you have a drive and persistence, the sky is the limit.

Do you currently serve in the community?
I currently serve as socials chair for the Association of Fundraising Professionals Central Florida Chapter. I am also the director of non-profit management for the Contractors, Closers and Connections (CCC) organization.

What do you like to do for fun?
Besides sleep, I love hanging out with family, reading and traveling when I can.

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