How to summer at Seminole State

Monday, April 22, 2019
Written by: Susan Leavens

Florida is known for its warmer summer months, and thankfully, Seminole State College is situated smack dab in the middle of the state, making it the perfect spot for your summer college courses. You can even take courses at Seminole State as a visiting/transient student while on summer break from your home university! Beyond the perfect locale, warmer weather and amenities (Student Life, intramurals, free tutoring and more), Seminole State has everything you need to make Summer 2019 your best yet.

1. Flexible Schedule – Summer in Florida is all about being outdoors, so granted, your summer should include all the beach time you can manage. You can still hit the beach with your friends and get your education on this summer thanks to the flexible schedules available to our students. Want an early morning English class so you can make it to the beach before the traditional afternoon thunderstorms? We’ve got it. Or maybe you just want an afternoon humanities class so you can sleep in late? We’ve got that too.  

2. Online Classes – Maybe you just can’t drag yourself away from the pool to make it to a traditional classroom setting. No problem. All you need to do is open your laptop, log in to Canvas and participate in our online classes (did you know we offer over 40 online programs?)  from your unicorn pool float. Definitely a win-win, in our opinion (as long as you keep your laptop out of the water).

3. Affordable Tuition – Beach vacations can be a little pricey, but have no fear. There’s no need to go all Dave Ramsey just so you can afford fun and an education. With Seminole State’s affordable tuition, you can do both! Travel by plane, train or automobile this summer is still on the table when you attend classes here. Plus, we offer many different scholarships to help reduce your out-of-pocket costs so you don’t have to choose between that surfboard and textbooks.

4. Convenient Campuses – Did you know that there are five awesome beaches within a 75-minute drive of our campuses? So, it doesn’t matter if you’re commuting from New Smyrna Beach or Melbourne Beach, we have a campus close to you! All we ask is that you dust the sand off your feet before you walk into class!

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