Tips to battle the mid-term slump

Thursday, March 28, 2019
Written by: Susan Leavens

We’ve all hit the mid-term slump a time or two. It‘s bound to happen, especially if you’re balancing a full schedule, a job, extra-curricular activities, family, friends… we could go on, but we won’t. Instead, we’ve put together some creative ways to avoid that bump in the road and navigate towards a successful semester at Seminole State College.

1. Get moving!

Studying all day, hunched over your textbooks isn’t good for your health. Enter the Seminole State College's Intramural and Recreational Sports program. This program is open to all currently enrolled students and gives you the opportunity to get moving, make friends, and have some fun

2. Rest your brain

We all know you’ve been cramming your head full of statistics and historical facts to ace that next test, but studies show that taking a brain break can reduce your stress and increase your productivity. Brain break activities include taking the latest BuzzFeed quiz (what type of cheese are you?), attending a student-led activity (Hello, Student Life) or taking a stroll around campus with a good friend (Have you seen the Walk/Run/Roll route on campus?).

3. Phone a Friend

We all have that one friend (or many friends) that help boost our moods regardless of what slump, rut, or funk we’ve found ourselves in. Grab your phone, send a text and get some good mojo from your buddies. It also helps to have a friend to bounce ideas off of and motivate you to do your best.        

4. Dance it Out 

Create a custom playlist and thrive on the vibes. A good playlist can change your whole mood and get you back in the game to study like a rock star. Did you know you can get discounted Spotify accounts through the bookstore, check them out for more details!

5. Set Reminders

Use a planner, use post-it notes, use your phone. Just do it! Prioritize your to-do list and set up reminders so nothing slips through the cracks. The calendar on your phone can be your best friend if you let it. We also suggest staying on top of important dates (including the official academic calendar).

Follow these tips to break free from that rut and get your brain buzzing. Once you’ve recovered, you’ll be ready to hit the books and ace that exam. Don’t forget that all four Seminole State campuses have Academic Success Centers staffed with tutors and computer labs to help you with any assignment. 

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