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B.S. Degree

The Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Technology (B.S.I.S.T.) degree program provides students with the critical skills and knowledge required to direct and control computerized information resources within diverse organizational settings.

The B.S.I.S.T. degree program addresses the need for information systems technology professionals with systems management and development expertise. The student can elect to take the Cyber Security Specialization or the Programming Specialization, which includes courses in Modeling and Simulation.

Seminole State offers the following B.S. Information Technology degree option:

A.S. Degrees

Seminole State’s Associate in Science (A.S.) degrees in Information Technology provide students with the skills and knowledge required to administer and manage local and wide area networks in multiple environments. Students in this high-demand career will gain experience in desktops, servers, virtualization, cloud computing and security, as well as the ability to design, build and implement IT solutions.

Seminole State offers the following A.S. Information Technology degree options:

Certificate Program

Seminole state has a number of college credit certificates that prepare students for employment in the Information Technology field. The certificates are upward compatible with the A.S. Computer Programming and Analysis and Information Systems Technology degrees.

A.A. Degrees

An Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree helps students seamlessly transition into a bachelor's degree program at one of Florida's four-year institutions.

Students studying information technology will complete the common prerequisite courses for an upper-division computer major as part of their general A.A. degree program. After graduating from Seminole State, they can continue their studies at a state college or university with junior standing.

Seminole State offers prerequisite courses for the following information technology majors:


Computer Programming
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Computer Applications
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Information Systems Technology (A.S.)
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Digital Media
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Information Systems Technology (B.S.)
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