Student Achievement at Seminole State

Seminole State College of Florida is dedicated to the achievement and success of all students.  To ensure our progress, Seminole State uses multiple measures of student achievement to identify our areas of opportunity and impact.  These measures include:

  • Fall-to-Fall Retention Rate
  • State Retention Rate
  • Placement Rate
  • Percent of Graduates Earning a GPA of > 3.0 at a State University
  • Total Completion Rate

Fall-to-Fall Retention Rate

Seminole State College tracks fall-to-fall retention to determine student progression. Fall-to-fall retention rates are recognized as an industry standard and depict the students who continue enrollment in the subsequent academic year.  Seminole State monitors fall-to-fall retention for everyone and has set a goal of increasing fall-to-fall retention for all students.

  • Source: Seminole State College Institutional Effectiveness and Research
  • Threshold of Acceptability: 48.0%
  • Goal Target: 55.0%
  • Current Achievement: 49.0%
Fall to Fall retention rate graph

State Retention Rate

The Florida Department of Education tracks cohorts of First Time in College (FTIC) students as they enter the Florida College System.  The state examines the percent of the cohort that graduates as well as those still enrolled in good standing, and those enrolled not in good standing at institutions.  Since this is a cohort-based measure, compared to all students, the state retention rate will be higher than an institution-specific calculation.

  • Source: Florida Department of Education PERA-Measure 1 Part 2
  • Threshold of Acceptability: 65.0%
  • Goal Target: 70.0%
  • Current Achievement: 66.4%
State retention rate graph

Placement Rate

Seminole State College monitors placement of its graduates into continuing education, related work fields, and military service through the Florida Education & Training Placement Information Program (FETPIP).  This monitors the placement of graduates after one year after completing a program at a college.  Seminole State College aims to meet or exceed the placement rates of the College’s highest rates in the past five years.

  • Source: Florida Department of Education PERA-Measure 3 Part2
  • Threshold of Acceptability: 93.0%
  • Goal Target: 95.0%
  • Current Achievement: 93.5%
Placement rate graph

Percent of AA Graduates Earning a GPA of > 3.0 at a State University

Seminole State College has an interest in the success of our associate of arts (AA) students after they leave our institution and transition to one of the state’s universities.  To help ensure our graduates succeed in a state university, the College tracks the percentage of graduates who earn a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 and above at a state university.  This helps the College collaborate with university partners to ensure future success of our students.

  • Source: Florida Department of Education PERA - Measure 2
  • Threshold of Acceptability: 55.0%
  • Goal Target: 65.0%
  • Current Achievement: 60.9%
Percent of AA Graduates Earning a GPA greater than or equal to 3.0 graph

Total Completion Rate

The total completion rate, from the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC), measures the performance of the entire higher education system. It counts all students who enter postsecondary education for the first time each fall, enrolling full-time or part-time at two-year or four-year institutions, and completing at any U.S. degree-granting institution.  Based on a cohort-system, the rate calculates completion based on outcomes after 6-years.  It includes those who complete after transfer, not just completions at the starting institution.  

Seminole State College added baccalaureate degrees in 2011, causing our national benchmark comparison to be 4-year institutions rather than 2-year colleges.  Reports from the NSC show a steady increase in Seminole State College’s completion rate from outcomes of the 2013 cohort to the 2015 cohort.  

  • Source:  National Student Clearinghouse
  • Threshold of Acceptability:  55.0%
  • Goal Target:  70.0%
  • Current Achievement:  52.0%
Percent of Total Completion Rate graph

To further explore these data, Seminole State also examines its total completion rate by demographic characteristics.


Institutional Effectiveness and Research
Thomas Hoke, Director